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Testimonials About Takeshi

Takeshi is a thoughtful and knowledgeable professional. His positive and solution oriented attitude has always lead to an environment of inspiration and motivation in others. I have had the pleasure of working and teaching with Takeshi and I am also a client of his. Throughout my experiences with him I have repeated noticed that he is flexible, hardworking and goal focused.

Christoper Crutchfield, Property Manager

Takeshi is very dedicated and passionate about his work. He is also a great team player and leader that look out for his teamates. He is dependable and someone I look up to.

Andrew Goutama, Student

Takeshi is very passionate to help people who needs financial strategy. He is professional and knowledgeable about financial planning area. I have been working with him for a long time and he has helped me and my company a lot. Always quick response. Trust worthy person guaranteed!

Norikazu Yamaguchi, Business Owner

I have known Takeshi through a charity event and he turn out to be more than just a friend. I gained so much financial knowledge from him and his website. Through Takeshi, I found great opportunity in investing for passive income. Takeshi’s passion for financial knowledge is incredible and would motivate anyone! His website is a great financial platform like no other! Thank you Takeshi and keep up the good work!

Brian Voon, Business Owner

From The Blog

Best Kept Secret from New Millionaire

Yesterday, I was lucky and privileged enough to listen new million dollar earner's sharing as to how he and his wife started from young engineer all the way to new millionaire in the business. During his sharing, he asked audiences, "What do you think about success? What's success looks like?". Some answer, "If we keep taking actions / activities, eventually, there will be results which lead to success". He replied, "that's what I thought also [...]

How To Get Yourself Promoted Faster

Making more money is definitely one of the many people's goal and aspiration. Most people are making money by renting out our times, although it is not ideal way of making money as we discussed in previous blog. When I was working in corporate, I heard many of those sentences (Complaints?): Why my boss is not raising my pay?Why ... (usually, boss or supervisors whom they think he or she is not deserved to get [...]

One Thing Definitely Does Not Make You Wealthy

If you are reading / following this blog, you probably want to create wealth or achieve success. In this time, I am going to take exact opposite approach. Do you know one thing definitely does not make you wealthy? This topic is coming from the podcast I was listening to. The person was talking on the podcast is the very successful startup founder in tech industry. What he said is very true and I like [...]

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