Do you want to know what is the #1 ability for lasting in the battle of entrepreneurship? Word “Lasting” does not sound really attractive but it is one of the most important portion especially when we are just starting out. I have seen hundreds of people started the home business with total excitement. However, they are slowly died out from their business because they did not have that ability.


So, what is the number one ability that you need to master for lasting your business? Are you ready for this?  That is,


Ability to cope with outcome addition…


If people ask what is the #1 tactical ability to bring more result in prospecting, recruiting and closing, I would say it is posture. However, what is the #1 ability to lasting in the business, it is definitely ability to cope with outcome addiction…


When people come into the home business, most people tend to have addiction to the outcome. Have you ever thought

  • If I can bring this person in, then my business will definitely take off.
  • This person is huge asset to my organization
  • I am so happy that I have guest and I really hope he / she will join!


If you have addition to the outcome, your feeling is always down every time you are rejected or things did not go your way. Here is what my mentor, Ray Higdon say.


In order to succeed in the business, marry with the process, divorce the result.


We need to understand that success is not about how high is percentage of close. This is about building successful habit that create the result for you.


Do you know what happened for those who addicted to the outcome? They quit.


You need to know this. You may have outcomes that you desired (Dream and goals). It can be total financial independence, retiring spouse / families or spending more time with your kids. Quitting will never get to that outcome…



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