What is the #1 critical factor for success in selling? Is this product, service, or other things? I have been learning the sales knowledge from Grant Cardone and he taught me #1 factor for sales success.


Before talking about this, have you ever heard (or yourself said to somebody else)


  • This customer is so skeptical and not even want to hear…
  • I worked so hard for this client but he or she bought the products from somebody else
  • This client is taking so long to make decision
  • Always, my customers said “Let me think about it”


I am sure that we all heard these statement (I am not sure how many times I said that too). However, here is what Grant Cardone shared,


Those statements above are all decision by your customer but just decision that you don’t want…


All those decisions came from DISTRUST…


Trust is critical to the sales. Customer did not buy from you because there is some level of distrust between you and your customer. And, here is the truth that we all hard to take… Grant said…


Distrust is not the buyer’s problem. It’s your problem.


Then, he continues…


Establishing the trust is critical. If there is distrust, we need to understand what’s really going on in customer’s mind, find out the distrust and tackle it regardless of where distrust comes from. Otherwise, they will make decision that you don’t prefer to get.


If customer /client has 100% confidence in you, your product and term, then they would make a decision and do it now.


So, sums up, there is 3 take away from what Grant Cardone taught here.


  1. Trust is CRITICAL
  2. If you DON’T get the sale, there is DISTRUST
  3. Every decision IS a DECISION! (No decision means decision)



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