#1 Key Of Getting Best Rapport With Your Cold Prospect

#1 Key Of Getting Best Rapport With Your Cold Prospect

First, let me ask question.  Have you ever had this experience?


You set up the coffee appointment successfully with your prospect.  However, during coffee appointment, you could not get any rapports from your prospect during appointment and conversation got weird.  This is something that you don’t want to be because appointment will surely go south…


I am sure if you are in sales or home business, you had this kind of experience before…  So, today, I will share #1 key of getting best rapport with your cold prospect.


It is very typical for business owners to go to business networking event for their business leads.  So, when they set up some coffee appointment with the people in networking event, most people think that I will talk to them about my business during coffee appointment.  In other words, most people think


  • How to make this appointment into the sales
  • How to get them be in my business
  • How to make money off from them (Just be straight)


Therefore, when they do follow up coffee appointment, all they talk about is their business…  This is sure fire way to turn your prospect off.  Remember they also have their own business and they won’t like to be pitched your business.


Instead, I always use #1 principle from Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.  It says “Be genuinely interested in others”.  When I meet prospect for coffee, I always think


  • How can I help this person?
  • What is his or her headache that I can solve?
  • How can I make their life easier?
  • Is there anything I can do for this person?


If you carry those energies to the coffee appointment, you will get totally different response.  They will start to open up their heart and starts to share about their challenges etc.  I met one business owner for coffee appointment.   We met each other in business networking meeting.  When I first met this person, it seems that she is doing well in the business and very busy (Plus, I could tell and felt that she wanted to finish the coffee quick as she is bit skeptical of me in the beginning).


As I started to ask more questions (Be genuinely interested in her business and her) with energy of how can I help this person, she shared more about her business and even her struggle.  I could tell that she started to open up and in the end, she even shared her business is not doing as well as she first told me and even asked me for suggestion.  At start, conversation was pretty cold but now conversation got very warm because I got great rapport with her by genuinely interested this person.  Imagine, how easy the conversation went after that.


With cold prospects, we need to get close to the prospect quick.  Otherwise, whole conversation will go south pretty quickly.  However, if you learn this #1 principle, it is much easier to get great rapport with your cold prospects.



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