#1 Mistake Many Will Make In Home Business

#1 Mistake Many Will Make In Home Business

Have you ever trust your team member, prospect or customer in face value and disappointed in the end because they did not do what they say they would do?  Yes I had made tons of those mistakes since I got started in this journey.  Not only I had made mistakes myself, I have also seen fair shares of other people’s mistakes as well.  In this blog, I would like to talk about probably #1 mistake that many will make when it comes to doing home business so that fellow home business entrepreneurs won’t make this mistake.  Here it is.


When I got started my business, I thought everyone (including team members, prospects and clients etc) would do what they said they would do.  Yes… you think everyone has integrity, honesty and common sense that they will do exactly what they say they would do right??  But…


It’s WRONG!!  This is just not the case in most cases…


So most people entering the home business will take what team members (Especially new team), prospects and clients say in face value and they shocked and disappointed when they did not do what they said they would do.  Believe me…


This is extremely common…   For those who have no idea because you just started, here is some scenarios.


Scenario 1:

We did the presentation and prospect loves the presentation.  After the presentation, we did follow up to bring them into our business.  Prospect said that they need to go but they promise new team member that they will join.  She took their word in face value and she let them go.  After 2 weeks, her prospect informed her that they will no longer join after her continuous follow up with them.

Scenario 2:

We explain and show brand new team member why they need to go to the company event and new team member is fired up to go.  It was very late night at that time so this team member did not sign up for company event that night.  New team member promises him that he will register when he is in the next meeting.  However, he never shows up in the next meeting because something happened to his family…  (Sometimes accidental)

Scenario 3:

After the presentation / appointment, team member’s prospect needs to think about it so trainer tries to set up follow up appointment with his prospect for his team member.  His prospect said they will talk to the team member once they make decision so they don’t need to set up the follow up.  In spite of suggestion made by trainer, team member took prospect’s word in face value and he did not pursue setting up next appointment.  Afterward, he won’t be able to reach him no matter how he tries to contact with them and team member got so disappointed how could they (Prospect) do that to him.


I am very sure that people in business in any length of time experienced these…  If not, you are either very new or you have not tried a lot yet…


What we can do?

Whenever you can, you do your best to proceed your agenda on the spot (Of course, if prospects, team members, or customers refuse to do then, don’t force them.  I mean when we can).  It can be

  • Register them to the company event
  • Setting up follow up appointment
  • Closing the sales
  • Closing the recruit
  • Anything that you want them to do


And, one more advise to this.  NEVER POSTPONE the process.  If they (prospects, team members, customers) are ready to do so, just do it on the spot.  NEVER assume that you can do it next time because they say so.  This is my biggest mistake that I made.  TIME IS ALWAYS AGAINST US.  There is a law called “Law of Diminishing Intent”.  Basically this law said : the longer the time passed, the less likely that they will do what they are intended to do.  So time is the essence when it comes to dealing with business.



I believe that your results will improve exponentially if you just follow this and do not make this mistake.  I hope you got great value out of this blog post. If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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