#1 Mistake Most People Make On Retaining Team Members

#1 Mistake Most People Make On Retaining Team Members

Have you ever had experience where your team member suddenly disappears from your group?  Have you ever wondered why this is happening?  Here is the #1 mistake most people make when it comes to retaining team members.  This is a lot to do with how we treat our team members…


Yesterday, I was at group called “Rank Maker” created by Ray Higdon.  I was in the training with many of aspired home business entrepreneurs.   I shared exactly what I learned from this group today.


He said, key is to keep them be around the campfire…


What does that mean?


There are three categories of people in your home business; 80% category, 15% category and 5% category. Here is what it is…


  • 80% category: They just enjoyed being around the uplifting environment with like-minded people. They don’t have very few or no motivation to make money from the business.
  • 15% category: They want to make some money from $2,000 – $3,000 per month or around $30,000 a year so there are some motivation.
  • 5% category: Those are the one who wants to build family legacy and they put their life into the business, they want to make $25,000 per month or above.


Here is what most people make mistake (Including myself…).  We all assume (or want to assume) that all of the people coming into our business are in 5% category (Or at least they all aspired to be in this 5% category) and it just isn’t the case…  So, we always put the pressure onto those in 80% category to do more.  And, many are creating the environment where we chastise those who did not perform as much as we expect them to do.  At the end result,


They leave from your group because they don’t feel belonging…


Then, Ray Higdon mentioned that church or gym understands much better in terms of retention than most of us…


In church, some people go there because they feel good by belonging with like-minded friends, listening to the sermon, or do some tithing for helping community. However, what if church pesters chastise those who come to the church by saying that “you did not do enough.  Are you really believing in god? You guys all should become pester!”   What’s going to happen?


Very soon, those faithful attendees of church will leave the community because they don’t feel good and they feel they don’t belong…


Instead, church let all of them in.  They are all welcome for those who comes to their church…


Is it possible that those who are in 80% category may make transition to 15% category?  It is possible as long as you keep them around the camp fire. Feeling of change must come from within and people may possibly change themselves as long as they are in the community long enough.


However, if you chastise those 80% for not doing more (or worse, your group culture is the culture that chastise those 80%), that means you may possibly drive away 80% of your team members…


Key is to keep them around your campfire not chastise like most people do…



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