#1 Quality Of Creating Success In Business

#1 Quality Of Creating Success In Business

What is the #1 quality of creating long lasting success in home business?  That’s exactly what I learned from special business training yesterday.  We invited one of the CEOs from the company as guest speaker.  He shared his experiences of how he gets to where he is right now (He has multi-million dollar business). Although he talked many topics, one of the important topics that he shared is coachability.  He shared how fast you create success is depending on how coachable you are…


Before talking further, what is the coachability?  Coachiability is ability to follow the instruction with speed.   Following exactly what successful people do since they already did it and have done that…  It seems very simple right?  Some may say that “I will follow anything that successful people advise me to do“.


In reality, most people are not coachable (At all).  Most people always question the instruction.  Why?  It is because not all of the things that mentors or coaches ask them to do is pleasant.  In fact, most of what they asked people to do will not only require commitments (Time, money and lots of sacrifices) but also make them go far beyond their comfort zone.  I remembered my mentor said “They will say they are coachable as long as it is convenient for them“.  After few years in the business, I totally feel what they said…  Anything beyond convenience for them, most people are not coachable…


Very few people are fully coachable.  However, those people will gain the benefits as well as create success the fastest.  All the success people that I know are all very coachable.  Here is some examples.


One of my business partner’s team members scheduled to go to the trip with friends.  She booked and paid all of the flights and hotels (For not only her but also her friends) 1 year in advance. This was exactly the same week as company’s big business event.  She just joined our business like 2 month ago. Now, her mentor asked her to go to the company event instead of her trip booked 1 year in advance.  If you are the same situation as her, what would you do?


Here is what most people would say (95% of uncoachable people).  They will say that I can no way find out about the event because I did not know.  I already paid for the trip so I won’t attend the event this time.


Do you know what she did?  She cancelled the trip and forfeited all of her travel expenses because she wants to change her life. When I heard that, I know she will create the success very fast because she is so coachable.


Here is another example.  I invested 3 day wealth building retreat for better myself.  I paid more than 6 months in advance.  During the wealth building retreat, my mentor called me all of sudden to attend one of the urgent meetings that she organized.  I paid thousands of dollars into this 3 day retreat.  Now, my mentor asked me to go back to attend the meeting which is over 3 hours away from the retreat place…


Here is what most people do.  They will defend that I already have prior arrangement so I cannot attend.  Do you know what I did?


I spoke to the organizer of retreat and I left from the retreat just to attend the meeting that my mentor asked me to attend.


Those people who understand coachability would do anything to follow mentor’s instruction because we know that that’s how they created their success…


You won’t create sizable success as long as you are only coachable to the instructions that you feel convenient. Again, most of the instructions will make you uncomfortable. Even still, do you have coachability to follow all of those instructions?  If you are, you have a shot.  If you are not, you have no shot to create the sizable success.



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