What is #1 reason that prevents you from creating success? Especially, when it comes to building business, this is absolutely the number 1 reason why people don’t create success. Are you ready for this? That is…


Blaming in any kinds…


In human nature, if things did not go our way, we tend to blame something else other than ourselves… It is especially true when it comes to building home business. Jim Rohn, the personal development legend, said that people have so many things called “blame list”…


If people do not create success in business or not progressing their success as they expected, they tend to blame on their circumstances, such as


  • Their educational background
  • Economy
  • Family situation
  • Health condition
  • Market
  • Government


Jim Rohn says these circumstances called “Seasons”. In life, there are 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We can’t simply remove winter out just because we don’t like it. In our life, we also have 4 seasons. Sometimes, we are in winter in our life; the time when we need to persevere and endure for the spring. What most people do when they are facing winter in their life?


They blame the winter and wish it’s summer… (Does this sound familiar?)


We cannot change what is out there (Circumstances and the situation). Most people blame the things that we can only work with.


Share my story…


I used to be that kind of guy. When I faced any obstacles, I blamed the reason why my business is not progressing is because of economy, market, people that I have, other people’s family situation. I was blaming only things that I could work with. I cannot change those situations and circumstances. Only thing that I can change is myself. I am the only person that can


  • prospect more people
  • make more phone calls
  • approach more people
  • make things happen
  • do more profit producing activities


As Jim Rohn said, highest form of human maturity is to take full responsibility of what happening to us. Once I remove all of my excuses, that’s the time when I started to get more results…


It’s hard in many times to blame ourselves instead of situations / circustances for reason why we are not progressing. It was very tough for me to take; blaming myself for short coming. However, this is the #1 reason holding us back from succeeding in our life. We need to remember that we are the only person that can control our mind and activities. As Jim Rohn said, “If you will change, everything will change for you. You don’t have to change what’s out there. Only thing we need to change is what’s in inside…



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