#1 Reason Why Most People Quit In Home Business

#1 Reason Why Most People Quit In Home Business

Do you want to know why most people quit in home business?  If you are in the business for a while, you already know probably…  Have you ever experienced…


  • Your new team member is so excited to join your business but he or she never picked the phone after they go home?
  • Your prospect got great impression about company presentation and they said they would definitely join.  When you follow up, they are nowhere to be found?
  • Your superstar quits right after he talks to their family members? or
  • You even quit exciting endeavor after bombarded the negativity by your family members?


If you are in the home business long enough, I am sure you had this experience.  Why this happens?  This is because most people are very fragile to take rejection.  Most people are constantly fear what other people think about them…


What can we do?

Ability to take rejection is one of the most important parts of creating success in your home business.  #1 advise that I can give you is to anticipate that there will be countless rejections by many people as well as we need to let new people know that they will get one as well.


When new people come into my business, I always ask…


“Are you easily dissuaded by the opinion of others?” 


I asked this question because I know that rejection is the number 1 reason why most people quit in any worthwhile venture for their dream.  I have seen countless numbers of people’s dream were killed because of rejection and disapproval of other people…


It is especially hard for the person who is just starting out.  During orientation, I always emphasize on ability to take rejection…  I will say


If you are easily dissuaded by other people’s opinion, there is no shot to become successful in our business (In any businesses…).  However, if you are immune to the opinion of others, you have great chance to become very successful in our business…


If I let them go home without telling them about this, people who close to them will shot them down and they will never be able to stand up again.  So, giving them a heads up is critical when it comes to starting up new team members (Especially beginning).


This heads up will definitely prepare new team members and dramatically reduce the probability of new people quit right after join the business so called “SND, also known as Sign and Die”.



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