I have been in the home business for little over 4 years and have seen many people who aspired to create success in their business. In home business, recruiting is by far the most important way to expand our business as my mentors said “Recruiting is the bloodline of the business” and this is totally true…


During these 4 years, I’ve seen some people totally crashed in the recruiting numbers by bringing massive numbers of people into their organization, while others only bring few people in one year. I’ve wondered why some people can easily recruit many people like cutting hotcake, while majority are totally struggling to bring even one person into the organization.  Although there is many reasons for this, #1 reason why people can’t recruit is not about their skill-set but more about their mindset about recruiting.


I have observed many people that are unable to do recruiting and found one common trait. This is how they see the word “Recruiting”. Many think in their subconscious mind…


Recruiting = Make money off them or take advantage of them


Especially, the person who is new in the business or is not really into the business feels this way. To be honest, this thinking is very shallow because they only look at the surface. Because they have this kind of mindset, every time they talk to their prospects about their opportunity, their prospect FEEL their non-belief and they will reject them right off from the beginning.  For some people, they are totally afraid to talk about their opportunity to their prospects because they don’t have any belief in recruiting.


On the other hands, successful people are thinking exact opposite. They think recruiting is


Recruiting = Helping people


Successful people understand that we are providing the opportunity in their life time. They totally believe in their subconscious that they are the total solutions to their problem. So they have no problem talking to everyone and they do indeed recruit more people into their organization.


I can give you my example. I was working in dead end job which required me to stay in the company 13 – 14 hours a day. I barely had my life with my family. During darkest moment, my friend had guts to ask me to come to the opportunity meeting. After 2 years into the business, I totally quit from this dead-end job and now I have much more time with my family. I feel chilled what if my friend did not have guts to ask me to come. I am still stuck in my job and who knows, my family might fall apart…


Because recruiting changed direction of my life, I don’t have any issues talking to the people for the opportunity because I know there are so many people who need the help…  If you are struggling with recruiting people, then I can pretty much attest that you don’t have belief in recruiting. I highly suggest that you need to work on your mindset and increase your belief in recruiting.



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