Do you know what is #1 rule when it comes to selling? Grant Cardone taught and shared how and why we need to follow this rule. Are you ready for this? That is…


Always agree…


Yes, we always agree with client and customer, even if we feel we are right or even if how ridiculous their demand is…


He said that we never build relationship by disagreeing with their opinion. It’s not only selling but also all other relationship in life.  Only way cultivating the relationship and getting them closer is to agree with them…


With this, agreement with client and customer is crucially important. Then, he shared golden rule…


Agree first and close them later… There are 4 steps in this process.


  1. Start the sales with agreement
  2. Continue to agree throughout the sales cycle
  3. Make the buyer right
  4. Then close.


He even shared that we all need to practice agreement vocabularies in order to create success in selling. Here it is…


– You’re right!
– I am with you!
– I agree!
– I’ll work it out!
– I understand!
– I’ll make that happen!


We all need to practice those vocabularies till those vocabularies naturally comes out from your mouth.


Again, relationship will be build through agreement, he shared. Also, he said that sales will be very difficult for you if you need to be right. By establishing basic agreement, you are creating the opportunity to help the client / customer purchases your product and service.



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