#1 Secret to Earn More Money

#1 Secret to Earn More Money

When I first started to take wealth building journey, both my wife and I was seeking how to increase our income.  We tried many things in the past including real estate, traditional business as well as the internet business without understanding the money principle.  We did not go anywhere until we learned this mindset / principle from my mentor.  In this blog, I would like to share money mindset / principle that I learned.


We learned from one of my mentors, Ray Higdon  He said,


Your income / earning is direct reflection of value you provide into your marketplace…


The more you make an impact on somebody else’s life, the more money you will make.  Money is merely the representation of value you provided.


Bible said the best:

“Find the way to service to many, the service to many leads to greatness”


I do the business opportunity presentation for potential business partners often in my business and I always mention this.

“Here is the compensation plan.  But, you don’t really need to focus on this much.  If you constantly learn the skills and mindsets to improve yourself and provide more value to more people, money will be the by-product. So we don’t even need to focus on money…”


I have observed all successful people and none focuses on money.  Those individuals always seek the ways to help more people because they understand this principle.


Whereas, have you ever seen people who are very eager to earn more money and try to get more money by demand?  I have seen many times in the situation where employees are trying to complain to the union about how unfair employer’s compensation decision.  Although they are very money focused,  somehow, most of those people don’t have a lot of money.  Most are living paycheck by paycheck because they don’t understand this principle…


Moral of the story is to NEVER focus on money.  Instead, find the way to service as many people as possible.  The more people we can provide the value to, the more money we will make.



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