At Monday morning full timer meeting yesterday, someone said very interesting. That person said something like


Our product is so good. Why it is so hard to promote and make sales?


Then I said,


If product is totally sell itself, then company does not need us…


Many people (Especially newbies) think that they are in product selling business (Let’s say if you are in health and wellness, then they think that they are selling those products. Therefore, only thing that they need to understand is product knowledge…). However, all experienced and successful business owners understand that we are in people business.


I have seen some people who seemed less educated, younger, etc than others created massive success, while others (Older, educated) don’t have much result to show for. I literary observed student background is making killing in the business by recruiting many people, having great sales and promoting to the next level, while highly educated scientists, engineers etc have almost nothing in results and struggling in the business.


How does that happen? Why there is so vast difference between those two extremes? This is all thumbs up to one most important skill to develop in business…


People skills…


In business (of course, for home business too), one most important skill to develop is people skills. You will use this in


  • Prospecting
  • Recruiting
  • Doing sales
  • Communicating with team
  • Developing and training team
  • Leading team


All of those activities require people skill. I literary see the situation where one team member can do all the product related presentation but prospect totally turned off and does not even want to see this person ever again because she is uncomfortable with this person. Is this prospect fault? No, this is due to lack of this person’s people skill. On the other hand, very same prospect is willing to meet with somebody else for appointment again and again because she loves this person…


It’s same in prospecting, recruiting, sales, communicating with team, leading team, you name it. As one of the trainers in my business shared, some very new people with strong people skill do not even need training because they can immediately immerse with their prospect’s personality and automatically attract quality people around them, while other with weak people skill (Usually, those who think mastering the product is way to go…) struggle to invite even one person into the meeting…


So what’s the person with weak people skill do? Good news is, people skill is totally learn-able skill. I was working as engineer before so I knew I did not have whole lot of people skills but I learned it and implemented it into my business (With many and many mistakes with numerous painful experiences…).


One book that I totally recommend is the book called “How To Make Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. This book will teach you basic human communication and how to be likable person.



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