#1 Tip On Using Meetup.com For Your Home Business

#1 Tip On Using Meetup.com For Your Home Business

Are you getting tired of approaching, chasing and bugging people to come to the meeting?  Instead, do you want to learn exactly how to attract prospects to you without prospecting?  In this blog, I would like to share my #1 tip on how I attract people via Meetup.com and you may want to learn this.


First, I would like to give you a disclaimer.  Just like blog or Facebook marketing, this is passive marketing and therefore, it will take time.  It is not instant.  So, you need to focus on personal prospecting as well as marketing using Meetup (Especially in the beginning).  With this, let’s dive in!


For those who don’t know Meetup.com, it is the website that allows organizer to organize any kinds of meeting.  It can be anything such as hiking, learning language, or just social / eating food like kind of group.  Many people use this for gathering people with same interest for social, or can be business.  Because millions of members already signed up with Meetup.com as members, only thing organizers need to do is to set up the meeting through this website and people who are interested in joining your group will join and start to come to the meeting.  I am member of many meetup groups.


I am also organizer of the meetup.  I am hosting financial education meetup.  My group mainly hosts cashflow game, created by Robert Kiyosaki.  I bring many people into my organization by using my group.  And, I would like to give you #1 tip.


#1 Tip: Don’t mainly focus on promoting your business using meetup but rather use meetup for building relationship as well as credibility with your members


I use Meetup.com for marketing not for sales purpose.  What’s that mean?  Out of respect to the audiences, I am not going to mention my business.  However, I barely host meeting that related to my business via Meetup.com.  Many may think that you should host meetings or classes that talks about my business.  Wrong!  If you only talk about meetings just to promote your business, people will be turned off.  Instead, we need to focus on value.  So, what I will do?  Instead of always hosting class related to my field of business (for promoting my business) to turn them off, I host something else other than event that is not really related to my business (For my meetup, hosting cashflow game).


Here is what’s going to happen.  After a while, you will create relationship with your members and people attending meetings for a certain period of time (That not really related but give value), they will start to ask you “So what else you are doing?  I am interested in learning more about what you do”.  It’s totally different from you talking to the audiences that have no relationship.  Now, they are asking.  This is much easier environment to talk about your business than you approach them.


I only host my business related event once a quarter or so.  Because I don’t host my business related event often (Plus, already cultivated the relationship by providing value), many people will RSVP to my event when I do host.  In fact, the other day, I used meetup.com to host event that related to my business (It’s been more than 3 months) and many people came to attend and I recruited good numbers of people (Some members that I don’t even know join my business right away!)


This is #1 tip that you need to consider when it comes to use Meetup.com to build your business.  It is not only tip.  I am currently writing free E-book on exactly how to recruit via Meetup.com.  So stay tune!



I hope you got great value out of this blog post. If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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