When your new team member joined you, certainly you will be very happy. Who doesn’t? Who knows, new person can be your next super star that possibly build fortune to your organization. As my mentors always say, there is only one recruit away from explosion. Many are hoping that next new team member can possibly take massive action and crash the heck out of your business.


So, you put your private time onto those new team members during orientation meeting to craft master plan for them to build the successful business. You tell new team member “You will be very big in this business. I cannot wait to create success with you!” and they also agreed. Now, you are so excited that this person can be the next super star!


Then, suddenly, you cannot get hold of this person no matter how you try to contact them as if they disappear from this world. You wonder what’s the heck is going on? After few days, you never find this person’s existence ever again… Then, you feel so depressed that you did something wrong…


Does this happen to you before or does this sound familiar to you? Then, welcome to the club! If you are in the home business, this probably happens to you or else, you are not taking enough actions… Although this can be the problem of new team member, how newbies start up new team member can negatively affect new team members as well. So far, I have observed two main mistakes that newbies make when they start up their own team.


Mistake 1: Not Pre-framing New Team Member

When your new team member joined into the business, they are just like new born baby. Any “Small Things” can kill the new team member. What’s that mean? What is the “Small Things”? Here is the partial list of “Small Things”


  • Friends and families
  • Mr. Google
  • Rumor
  • Their Doubt
  • Other distractions (TVs, Internet etc)


If you don’t pre-frame the new team members when they join into your business, there is huge possibility that they will be killed by those “Small Things”. Believe me, I’ve observed hundreds of new team members are killed by those “Small Things”. Because they don’t tell them about this in advance, they feel totally bummed when they see negative review about the business or the person who is very close to them said very negative about the business that they are in… And, eventually they doubt whole things about what they hear during the meeting… By the next meeting, bum! You can never reach out to this person ever again…


That’s the reason why pre-frame is so important. Give them a heads up about what’s going to happen. One of the sentences that I always say to the new team members is:


“Do you easily dissuaded by somebody else’s opinion?


Then, I will pre-frame the team members that “some people that you talk to may not understand what you are saying. If you are easily dissuaded by those opinions, then you have tough road ahead of you but if you are immune to this kind of negativity and opinion, then you may have good chance to create huge success in my business


By already telling them what can happen, they will be ready to hear some kind of negative thing. This will dramatically reduce the occurrence of new team members killed by “Small Things”


Mistake 2: Putting Too Much Pressure Onto New Team Member

Many newbies are so excited about bringing their new team member in hope that all of them become super star; therefore, they tend to treat all of new team members as if they want to become multi-million dollar earners. Because newbies put too much pressure onto their new team members that do not have mindset, they will feel uncomfortable when newbies try to push them on the edge. Then, eventually, they quit because they feel bad.


As I said in my previous blog, most people are not ready to pay the price to become multi-million dollar earners. They may be comfortable with making few extra bucks per month. Others may be satisfied with the good association that business provides. Each new team member has different goal and purpose of joining the business. So first thing that you need to do is to ask their commitment level and treat them accordingly. If we treat the team member that satisfied with being customer like the person who wants to create massive business, we will drive them away.


I certainly have fair shares of experiences where those two things kill many of my new team members (Not literary, you know what I mean…). Although it is impossible to completely eradicate these, there is definitely something that we can do to reduce the number of occurrences. Keeping those two things in mind will dramatically reduce the probability.



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