2 Tips On How To Approach People Without Being Pushy

2 Tips On How To Approach People Without Being Pushy

Many people’s concern when starting out their home business is what if their prospects (i.e friends and families) think you are too pushy.  Have you ever thought about that?  Worse, does this thinking prevent you from taking action?  Then, you are in the right blog post. Today, I will discuss how to approach people without being pushy so that nobody will turn off by your actions.


Being pushy is very common issue for the home business especially starting out. Being pushy can be in prospecting, recruiting, sales and closing as well.  This is due to 1) not properly trained and 2) most likely this is their first time selling staffs to people.  Without proper training and mindset, people easily become too pushy and too pushy just push away more people than attract more people…  Here is two tips.  If you follow these two tips, I will promise you prospect won’t be turned off.


Tip 1: Be pulley instead of pushy

After you show about your opportunity, if they are on their edge, most people will tend to push into the sales by saying like, “What do you think about?”, “This is excellent opportunity for you!” etc. In human nature, people tend to be backed down if people push them.  Instead of this, you can be pulley by asking questions.


Let’s say if your prospect is on their edge because they don’t have money.  Then you can ask them like “why you are willing to show up to this presentation today?” or “Why you need to make more money?“.  Depending on their answer, you can ask more question “…. reason so you need to make more money.  So, making more money for filling their ….  is something optional or you need to do it?”  Or another avenue, you can ask how much off they are.  Also, ask more questions like “If you do have money, is this something you see yourself doing?“.  By asking more questions, your prospects will give you an ammunition for you to use against them and they don’t feel like they are pushed so they won’t be turned off by your pushy actions.


Tip 2: Don’t be too eager

If they show the interest in seeing your opportunity video or coming into the meeting after you talk to them, don’t show your excitement too much.  This is what most people screwed up when they do say yes to see your opportunity. What they do is become too excited and they are blow away so many things that they think it is good.  They say like “Wow! you will be really good at this.  This is ground floor opportunity and grass root movement!  We will all make billions in the business!!“.  If you show too much excitement like this, this actually will reduce their curiosity and they feel too overwhelmed and feel pushed.


Last week, I met my prospect during networking event.  I know this person for few years but he did not have much interest in my business.  When I met him this time, we talked and he asked me “Should I join your business?“.  In this kind of situation, what would you do? Most people start drooling like dog with excitement inside of them until they cannot contain this excitement and they will blow all the things about their business to the prospect and he or she will be turned off.  Instead, I just say with normal tone of voice “Okay, if you are open to it, there will be overview on this day and you can see for yourself if it is fit for you or not…“.  Guess what happened? He said he would love to and he joined to my business on that day.



If you keep these two tips in mind when you approach people, your prospects never think you are pushy.  I hope you got great value out of this blog post. If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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