Do you want to talk to more prospects and most importantly get the contact from them but your shyness prevents you from talking to more people? While all of us need to constantly improve ourselves to get out of our own self-imposed limitation (And, being introvert certainly is many people’s limitation), there are many places that don’t really require you to initiate the conversation.  In this blog, I will show you three best places for you to prospect even if you are extremely introvert.


Actually, there are lots of places where people want to talk to you. Only thing you need to do is to identify those places where people WANT to talk to you. Here is the top 3 places you can go (Not particularly in order).


Business Networking Events

There are lots of business networking meeting / lunch / breakfast in your area. In those kind of gatherings, people are hungry to talk to other people because business connection can lead to their potential business. People will start to talk to you even if you are just sitting down the chair and be quiet.


Other Professional Organizations (Like Toastmaster and Chamber of Commerce)

They are constantly looking for the members to join so all the people inside of those organizations are generally very friendly and talking to you from themselves. Also, those organizations are very good for you to consider join as well. Toastmaster is the organization that teaches you how to talk and do the presentation. And, chamber of commerce is the business organization that you may be able to connect with other small business owner and possibly business expansion opportunity as well.


Costco, Sam’s Club or other malls in your area

Why those places? Many people wonder probably. This is very cool strategy that my buddy Kevin told me. He prospects people in those places where sales people are pitching their products. If you go to Costco or Sam’s Club or malls in any area, you will see sales people who tries to pitch the long distance services or phone services etc. They will talk to you when you are walking pass them (Willingly). Most people hate to be approached by those sales people but you can use this opportunity to prospect them. Only thing you need to do is to listen to them sincerely and ask them how’s their business or job. Believe me! Most people don’t like what they do (Who does?). They are also very opt to listen to the opportunity.


I am sure that there are other places where people are WILLING to talk to you other than I mentioned above. Even if you are introvert, only thing you need is to be little bit more creative and locate the places where people want to talk to you.



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