Yesterday’s blog, I shared about 3 common mistakes that new person makes during opportunity meeting. In most home business, there are some kind of opportunity meetings for potential prospects to listen to the opportunity. For other home businesses, people also implement to use the one-on-one sit down. At least in my company, new people bring experienced trainer and he or she will explain to the potential prospect about opportunity. This gives not only new person can potentially get faster result because experienced trainer helps him or her but also new person can learn how to do the presentation from experienced trainer.


However, many newbies make mistakes that detrimental to the outcome of one-on-one appointment. Again, it is our job, as a trainer to train the new person. In this blog, I would like to share what is common mistakes that new person makes during one-on-one sit down.


Common Mistake #1: Do not edify the experienced trainer properly

When new team member introduce experienced trainer to his or her prospect, they don’t introduce the trainer properly to their prospect. I can tell you that how to introduce the trainer can literally change outcome of one-on-one appointment. Here is 2 common examples of not edifying trainer properly:


  • Thank prospect’s time instead of trainer’s time
  • Talk highly about prospects more than trainer


Those two are most common thing that new person do when they introduce trainer. Both actions basically edifies their prospects more than the trainer. If you edify your prospect more than trainer, trainer has uphill battle with prospect. Let’s say if you are trainer and your new team member introduce you like below, how their prospect think?


Here is my friend, …, he is lawyer and he is super busy with his time but he took time to do this appointment for me and thank you so much for taking your busy schedule to meeting with me and my trainer.  Okay, Mr. Trainer go ahead.


Prospect feels like he is the king and you feel like you are his servant. In this situation, no matter how you try to talk to the prospect, you probably won’t be able to close the deal because how new person introduce you to his or her prospect.


Common Mistake #2: Don’t jump into help trainer when he or she needs  

Especially, this is true in closing. In many times, prospects will be on the edge if they should proceed or want to think about it. If this happens, there are so much trainer can do to persuade them. During that time, trainer needs bit of help from new person to help their prospects make decision. Usually, new team member and prospect know each other for a long time and he or she can talk (Push) little more to their prospect. However, in many cases, new person do not jump into help trainer to help talking to their prospects because they are not trained to ASK them. Again, as Ray Higdon said, we need to ASK to GET…


Common Mistake #3: Tells Trainer what to do

This is yet another mistake that new person makes. When trainer is doing the presentation to their prospect, new team member sometimes jumps in and tell trainer to explain the things that he or she thinks prospect want to listen (Especially, prospect is on the edge of making decision). This is huge no no. If new team member do this, this will dramatically reduce trainer’s credibility whereby lower the percentage of closing. Trainer is much more experienced than new person and he or she knows what to talk and what not to talk much more than newbie. Let trainer control the conversation.


Those are 3 extremely common mistakes that newbie makes during one-on-one appointment. All of them will negatively affect the outcome of the appointment. We are in the home business for us to get result and how new person work with experienced trainer will make huge difference in the outcome.



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