In many home business, it is pretty typical to host opportunity meeting in different places like office, home or hotels. Purpose of this meeting is for everyone to invite their potential prospects to the opportunity meeting so that they can listen to what their business is all about and they can eventually join the business. Opportunity meeting is beneficial and very productive because we can leverage the environment and speaker.


However, many newbies are making mistakes that detrimental to the results of opportunity meeting. Here is the common mistakes that most newbies make during and after opportunity meeting.


Mistake #1: Not ask

This is #1 mistake that most newbie makes after opportunity meeting is done. After speaker presented business overview, it’s going to be the person invited will follow up with their prospect if they want to join the business. We all think that newbies will ask them to join right? Wrong!  Unless they are trained well, they do whole other thing. Typically, how the conversation goes.


New team member: “Is it awesome right?”

Prospect: “Yes, it is great.”

New team member: “Okay, great…” 


New team member: “We have other training next week. If you are interested, you can come… Thanks for coming…”


Face it. Most people are not trained to ASK for what they want. Most new people are so afraid to ask what they want. Therefore, unless we train them what to say after the meeting, they won’t necessarily do the thing that they suppose to do. As a trainer, we need to teach them as Ray Higdon said “We need to ASK to GET“.


Mistake #2: Ask wrong questions

After presenter presented, people start to follow up on their prospects. Many people will ask wrong questions all the time. Here is the two main wrong questions that newbie typically asks.


What do you think?

This question is the worst question to ask. They will say “Interesting”. Just know that prospecting saying interesting equals no I am not interested and I don’t want to be part of it.


Is it okay?

This is another question that you want to avoid at the all cost. This question shows your lack of confidence and prospect will not join your business if you ask this question.


Mistake #3: Ask their questions (not prospect asking but them)

Many times, I have seen newbies in the opportunity meeting ask THEIR own support questions to the speaker. This is not even prospects’ questions. This is totally no no. Every time I see this, I am thinking “Wow. They really don’t know how to run the business…“.  Opportunity meeting is for team to get the results not for the newbies to ask questions. This will drive the results away. Just know that.


Above all, new team members are baby in business. We need to train them from the basics. In many home business, opportunity meeting can be the life blood of their business and it is absolutely crucial for trainers to train the new people properly so that they will do exactly what we intend them to do.



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