Do you want to know 3 most common inviting mistakes that most people make? I have seen so many new people blowing the opportunity to invite prospects to either appointment or opportunity meeting. Certainly, I also made the same mistakes when I was starting out and you want to avoid making those three mistakes.


Mistake 1: Talk too much

When it comes to inviting, this is most common mistake. Instead of creating the curiosity of prospect about your opportunity by just mentioning, you explain everything to their prospects. As most trainers will say, you are showing the trailer not the movie. What’s the probability of people going to see the movie if trailer shows them everything about that movie? It’s none!


What you need to do in this situation is to mention just enough so that they get curiosity but not telling them everything. In the beginning, this is hard task for most newbies. Here is one way that you can avoid from saying too much. You can be busy by saying to the prospects “I don’t have time right now as I will be in the meeting in any minutes but I would love to meet you another time to show you exactly what it is”.


Mistake 2: Building relationship too long

This is another common mistake that many and myself made when I started out. Sometimes, people try to meet the same prospects so many times to build perfect relationship by thinking “The more we know them, the better we can bring them to the meeting or we can get them on board”. I was thinking the same way before.


However, what I realized over time is that prospects can still say no to you, even if you meet that person many times over. On the other hands, some people just met first time with me say yes to the opportunity. In the end, I noticed that the more I go through the numbers, the more probability that I can get the result. I am not saying don’t build relationship but, now, meeting with the prospect one time is enough to break the ice for most times and invite those prospects to set up appointment or invite them to the meeting.


Mistake 3: Don’t ask (about opportunity)

Many may think that it cannot be happening but it is very common. Instead of talking too much, they don’t talk at all about opportunity. This is mostly because…


  1. They cannot find the prospect’s hot button
  2. They think that prospect is not ready to listen (in their mind)
  3. They are afraid of hearing “No”


Most of those, they tell themselves that I will ask them next time. However, in most cases, it is very rare that we can meet the same prospect second time. Therefore, they lose opportunity to invite those prospects.


I made these three mistakes many times because I thought too much about how to invite people. In reality, inviting is simpler than you think. If you talk and invite enough people, you don’t really have to think about the strategies. Some people will come regardless of how you ask because they are ready.



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