Do you want to bring your home business to the next level? I have seen and learned from many successful entrepreneurs and here is the 3 traits in common among those who consistently bring their business to the next level.


Common Trait 1: Always attend the company event with growing number of team

This is probably easiest among 3 big traits that successful mentors and leaders possess. I have never seen people inside of home business created great success without them going to the event. They are not only attending themselves but also bring massive numbers of their team members. Number of attendees for their team increases exponentially. On the other hands, those who struggle go to the company event but unable to bring and increase the number of the attendees in their team.


Common Trait 2: Keep qualifying for contest and special training

This is little more challenging. In order for them to win the contest or qualify for the special training, they need to go through some sorts of qualification. Although some events / contests are easier to qualify and others are more difficult, those who bring their business to the next level consistently qualify for the contest or special training event. It is pretty easy to qualify for contest / event only one time. However, it will be more challenging to keep consistently qualifying. Most people struggle in the business fail to keep qualifying for these contests / events.


Common Trait 3: Consistently build new team

One of my mentors, Ray Higdon, said, “The team that got you where you are right now WILL NOT the team that will get you to the next level“. In other words, we need to build whole new team (Keep recruiting!). I’ve observed fast growing leaders consistently build the new team, even if they already have some teams building big and massive business on their own. On the other hands, people that struggle growing their business tend to stick to the existing team hoping that those will move and do something (and they tend to be so frustrated because their team never duplicates).


If you are the one struggle bringing your business to the next level, I highly suggest to check back those three traits. Do you think you have those 3 traits? If not, then I suggest you to seriously look at those three factors and improve the situation. I have never seen anybody that consistently rank advancing or bring themselves to the next level without doing those three things.



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