3 Progressions Of Leadership You Need To Master To Build Great Business

3 Progressions Of Leadership You Need To Master To Build Great Business

I cannot believe our company event behind us for almost 2 weeks now. I still have great excitement inside of my heart. During the company event, I was very intrigued by one of the biggest builders in our company. Although this person is very young, he has built massive empire within our company. His topic was building leadership and he discussed about 3 progressions of the leadership you need to master in order to create empire in business. Are you curious to know? In this blog, I will discuss about those three leadership qualities.


This speaker shared that “you will need to master all three leadership in order to build your empire“. Here is what he said.


#1: Lead yourself

If you cannot lead yourself, how can you lead thousands of team members and leaders. In order to lead them, at first, you need to concur yourself. Not only leading by example to your team but also you need to be emotionally stable as well as mentally tough.  Just like life itself, your business will be up and down and if you cannot even control yourself, it is next to impossible to control and lead other team members.


#2: Lead others

Once you master to control yourself as leader, next, you need to lead others. You need to have huge vision that fit all of your team members’ vision and share your big vision to your team. This speaker said that people don’t care where you are right now. Only thing they care is where you are going. Also, this is the time when you are building your leaders. By communicating your vision to the team members, they start to follow you because they recognize your leadership.


#3: Lead leaders

Speaker said that this is the time when duplication comes in. By leading the leaders, you will create the massive organization. He said that “If you build the leader, then your leaders will build your company“.


Lastly, he shared what is the leadership is all about.  He said,


Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better…


Always remember there is 3 progressions of leadership. We need to master all of three. First, build ourselves, second, build and lead others and lastly lead the leaders.



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