Blog is becoming one of the most important tools for your marketing. I am sure you have heard experts say “Sales and marketing is the most important aspect of your business. Even if your product is the top notch product, if nobody knows about your products, it means nothing“. It is very true in any business. Although most businesses already embrace this trend and concept, many of people in home business have not even used online for marketing their business. In this blog, I would like to share 4 essential tools you must have in order to create successful blog.


Why blog?

Before talking about the detail, some might say “blog? why bother?”. Here, I explain a bit why creating blog can be a good idea. I am following one of my mentor, Ray Higdon for online marketing. When he started his blog 6 – 7 years ago in a hope that prospects will reach out to him instead of him chasing prospects, he hardly got any leads. However, now, his website has 5,000 – 6,000 leads every single month and he can’t stop the leads because what he has created over those years. Now, most of the people are online and it might be a smart idea for home business owners to take advantage of what blog can offer… Okay, enough said. Here is 4 essential tools for creating your own blog.


Essential Tool 1: Domain Name

You need to have domain name in order to have your blog. You can just go to Godaddy or other websites to purchase your own domain name (Cost is like $10 per year so it’s almost nothing…). Although you could get the free blog hosting like Blogger or even wordpress has free account, I would not recommend free service since there is no so much flexibility and they are controlling the site. I highly recommend people to get the own domain name for branding purpose. Many are putting your first and last name as domain name.


Essential Tool 2: Good Hosting

You need to have website hosting service that host your website. Most of the hosting is very reasonably priced like $10 per month or less. Hosting that I personally use is called “SiteGround”. SiteGround has great customer service and hosting is starting as low as $3.95 per month. If you are interested in looking at this, feel free to visit their website at


Essential Tool 3: WordPress

Although there are a lot of websites that allow you to create great blog contents, I highly recommend you to use WordPress. This is most people are using and there are lots of customization that you can do. I personally use WordPress for my online contents.


Essential Tool 4: Autoresponder

My mentor, Ray Higdon said “purpose of having blog is for you to capture leads. Nothing else. If you don’t even have system that capture their contact information, then don’t even bother start blogging“.  Autoresponder will do just that. There are many autoresponder systems like Aweber, Constant Contact and advanced version like Infusionsoft. For just beginner, I highly recommend to use Aweber. It is very low cost option that have most of the features like email marketing system, blog broadcasting and many other good staffs. If you are interested in learning more, you can just go to


How much is cost of blogging?

We can start blogging at very low cost. With all those set ups including domain name, autoresponder, and hosting, cost will probably run around $30 – $40 per month. Some might say “Wow, there will be a cost doing this? I won’t do it.“. If you are running the business, there will be business expenses and online marketing does also have expenses. However, just think about it, compared to traditional advertisement which can cost hundreds or millions of dollars to run the ad, you can market your business for only $30 – $40 if you do it correctly.


When it comes to home business, many are not business owner but freebie seekers. This is the reason why most people in home business do not make any dime in their business. However, if you do blogging consistently over long period of time just like Ray Higdon, you have potential to have few thousands leads per month every single month just like Ray Higdon has done.



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