Today, we had fortunate enough to get coached by our CEO during lunch time after the training. During the coaching, he shared in any businesses, there is typically 4 phases that we all need to go through in order to build successful and thriving business. Those are


  • Awkward phase
  • Mechanical phase
  • Fall phase
  • Commitment phase


As I was in the home business for 4 years and I could relate exactly what he shared.


Awkward Phase

When you are starting out, you are in awkward phase. Everything starts from this. You will feel awkward in everything you do, such as…


  • Attending meeting
  • Meeting environment
  • When you talk to others (both team members and prospects)


During awkward phase, you really don’t know what you are doing and no belief in the business. So, there is not so many results and many rejections.


Mechanical Phase

Once we passed through awkward time, now, we can start to do the presentation, talk to people (Prospecting) and do closing. However, process is still pretty mechanical. In other words, we can only do the things that we learned in the training. We cannot really arrange the presentation or talking to our style. Nonetheless, they started to have results and their business started to pick up. During this phase, many are thinking business is not actually that bad because they have not experienced the down time as all entrepreneurs know that there will be a down time. Inevitably, they will start to experience the down time in business…


Fall Phase

Now, they can do all of the business operations and they thought business picks up and thrives. However, things just do not go as they expect, such as…


  • Not really leading to the sales or recruits, even if they are trying
  • Team started to have issues
  • Main key player quits the business
  • Their overall business started to come down


CEO said, “everyone will go through this phase including myself and my mentors. This phase will really test you if you want to keep going in the business or not. Some will quit the business thinking that this is not for me. Others will really push themselves and make total commitment to the business…” This will lead to last phase.


Commitment Phase

During fall phase, some will quit and others will make total decision that they will make it and go through with this bad time. CEO said “once those individuals make total decision like this. They will start to take massive actions. I have seen so many people made decision like this and run with the business. Then, boom, their business goes vertical move from here on…


These are 4 phases that we, as business owners, need to go through in order to have great success in the business including down time. However, my mentors say


“Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.”


I believe that those down times happen for reasons. These down times allow us to make decision to move to the commitment phase and have an undeniable breakthrough to the business.



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