I’ve been in the wealth building journey for almost decade starting from real estate and now, I am focusing more on the entrepreneurship. First few years, I only focused on mechanical “How” component. However, over the years, I found out that “How” is only involved 5% of the success. Rest of 95% is how to think. The more I work on the mindset, the more I started to create success. During this journey, I’ve learned from many thought leaders regarding mindset portion. Especially, if I fully embraced those 3 quotes that influential / successful figures taught me earlier, then I probably could create success much faster. In this blog, I would like to show those 3 quotes from success people that you need to fully understand to accelerate your success.


Here are those 3 quotes:


  1. “Difference between success and unsuccessful people is what they do their spare time.” (Robert Kiyosaki)
  2. “Formal education makes you living, Self Education makes you fortune.” (Jim Rohn)
  3. “The major reason for setting goal is what it makes of you to achieve it.” (Jim Rohn)


Quote 1) “Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful People Is What They Do Their Spare Time.

I first time read this quote from Robert Kiyosaki’s 2nd book, “Cashflow Quadrant”. Book emphasized the importance of focusing on your time after your work. Especially, in the beginning, most people probably have full time job while building your business. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to think what you will focus on after your work and during weekend. Since most need to focus on their job during their work hour, are you focusing on building your business? or you relax and watch TV after your job or weekend? How you treat your spare time will literary determine your future. This seems to be very common sense but I do know so many people relax and don’t do the work that leads to their goals…


Quote 2) “Formal Education Makes You Living, Self-Education Makes You Fortune.”

Many people think education ended after they graduate from school. Successful people think that real education begins AFTER the formal education finishes. This is not only the material actions that you take to take those seminars but more important portion is how you feel and how you treat those education as. I saw so many people hesitate to invest in their courses, seminar or bootcamp to grow their business because they treat those educations as a cost not investment. On the other hands, successful people treat those educations as investment to grow their business and achieve their goal.


Quote 3) “The Major Reason For Setting Goal Is What It Makes Of You To Achieve It.”

I did not understand what this means until I saw the detail. Jim Rohn’s mentor, Earl Shoaff gave advise to Jim Rohn when he was 25.


Your goal is to become millionaire not because you want to get the million dollars but what it makes of you to achieve it


In order to become millionaire, you need to become the type of person who create millions. In other words, you need to build your character, skills, virtue and mindset necessary to become millionaires. You not only need to go through building your skills and mindset but also go through so many challenges and obstacles to build yourself to become the status of the millionaire.  If you become “Millionaire”, then no matter what happened to your wealth, you can create again. While, most people don’t have the quality necessary to create again (Typical example is lottery winner).


Those 3 quotes from successful mentors served me for years. The more I started to understand true meaning of those quotes, the more success I started to create.  I highly recommend people to read or listen (possibly both) to “Cashflow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki and “Challenge To Succeed” by Jim Rohn. Both are excellent materials for people to understand about success.



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