Life is RPG game (Role Playing Game, Video game… you know…) without saving point.
Except no saving point part, life is pretty much the same as role playing game. What is the purpose of role playing game (For those who play game like me 😅)?
Typical RPG game goes like this; evil villain (Like great Satan 😈) appears and summon all the villains 😈👿👾👻 and take over the world. During darkest moment, hero appears (or stand up) and going through all the fights with evil villains by gaining experience points and go up to the next level.
Finally, hero and his / her group will beat all the villains and finally after levelling up to the highest level, heroes will beat evil great Satan and bring the world to the peace.
This is how typical RPG works. Yes there are no evil Satan in real life. But, life is like RPG; becoming the highest version of ourselves by going through many experiences, obstacles and setbacks.
I know many adults (Including myself) enjoy playing RPG game because they want to feel like they want to be the hero by going up to the highest self.
Unfortunately, most stop growing after middle of 20. This might be because they lost their dream or purpose in life… I even observe some parents try to (Depend on) do everything they can to make their child do more by bringing them to the cramming school, swimming lesson or piano lesson because they think they cannot grow and only way that they feel they grow is to let their kids to be the best.
Although it is absolutely nothing wrong with that, many adults forget that we can still grow ourselves by doing more and becoming more like RPG game. We can still gain many experience points and we can still go up to the next level ourselves!!
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