Do you know there is 5 different categories of people in home business? My mentor has taught this since I started my home business and yes, now I started to see it is true. Here it is.


1st category: No Timer

This person got really interested in the business and join but he or she absolutely does not have time to do anything (Not coming to the meeting, not doing anything at all). In business, we need to do some activities in order to build the business. Obviously, this kind of people can never make it to the business.


2nd category: Some timer

I see these people a lot in home business. As the name tells you, those people do something sometimes. They sometimes come to meeting, sometimes go to events and sometimes take actions. Basically, they will do whenever they feel like doing. Most of the time, they don’t get much of the results because they only treat their home business as hobby not real business.


3rd category: Part timer

If you want to make some money, you should be at least this level. They take their business as part time business and make commitment to book time to do the business. I started my business part time. Although I had to work 70 – 80 hours a week in my job, I made my commitment to set time each day to devote to my business.


4th category: Full timer

If you have great commitment level, full timer will make good money in home business. They are the one treat this as real career and that’s the only profession they do. I was at part time and eventually became full time in the business.


5th category: All the timer

Those are the one becoming the biggest business builders in home business. They are constantly thinking how to make their organization better and stronger day in and day out. At this point, their business is part of their life. These people are the one who are making multiple 7 figure (or even 8 figure) income from the home business.


As you can probably tell, this is not about physical position or status, it is more about mindset that people have. Even person with full time job can think like all the timer. Conversely, I have seen person in full time in home business think like some timer (Obviously, this folk will never make it to the business…). This is about how we think toward our business.


Question becomes…


Where are you right now? We need to constantly identify which category we are in and constantly improve our mindset toward our business.



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