Ability to Sell: Most Important Skill You will ever learn

Ability to Sell: Most Important Skill You will ever learn

Couple of my friends and I were chatting about career couple of years ago.  It happened to be the time when my wife just got new job.  This conversation is something that I never forget.  There were some conversations regarding what kind of job she got.  Conversation went something like this:


Friend A: “What kind of job you got?”
My wife: “This is sales job.”
His girlfriend: “Anyone can be sales right?”
Friend A: “Yeah, there is no particular requirements to get the sales job.”



Let me be honest…  Those responses made me laugh (This is because most masses just don’t get it)…


I am sure that many people have same impression as my friends think in regard to the sales. In fact, majority of people probably have negative connotations in regard to sales such as “Sales is bad” or “Sales is degrading job”.  Fact of the matter is that rich people think exact opposite of what masses are thinking in regard to sales.  Like what Rich people think, sales is the most important skill you will ever learn to be successful.



Art of the sales is actually very complex as opposed to most people think.  Salesperson not only needs to understand consumer behavior, psychology as well as all the product knowledge that they intend to sell to the consumer but also they have to be great as person.  It is true that anyone can be a salesperson but only select few can be a great salesperson and reward for becoming the great sales person is tremendous.  In fact, ability to sell is the requirement if you ever want to be truly rich.  Here is why…



There are many functions in any companies such as operation, accounting, production and human resources etc.  But, only department makes company money is the sales.  Even if you have best product in the world, you will continually be broke if you don’t have an ability to sell them.  How profitable you or company can be is the direct proportion of the sales efforts they put.



T. Harv Eker, author of the bestselling book “The Secret of the Millionaire Mind”, said if you are not devoting 80% of the time working on sales, chances are, you are broke and never will be rich.  The main reason most people can never be rich is simply because they don’t have any sales skill or refuse to work on sales.



I have met thousands of people who hope to get out of the rat race / achieve financial freedom.  So they hope to start their own business.  Yet, many of those people said to me that I hate sales and never do the sales.



Those people just made me laugh…



If people cannot gain the ability to sell, only choice they have is to get the job.  Period!


Yet, if I take a look at many people around me (Probably around you too), most people try to find the magic way of becoming wealthy without involving in anything related to sales and marketing.  I can tell you one thing:



There is no such thing as magic way.  It does not exist… 



I have involved in investing as well as business.  All financially successful people I ever met has one thing in common: All of them are business owner and possess great sales ability.  Conversely, average people (Not particularly successful) avoid to involve in the sales process and I can assure you that those people will never be rich…



I end this blog with this quote by Robert Kiyosaki:



“The ability to sell is the number one skill in business. If you cannot sell, don’t bother thinking about becoming a business owner.”



If you want to be apart from most of the masses, learn sales as quickly as possible…

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