Achieve financial independence

Hello! At first, let me introduce myself. My name is Takeshi. I am entrepreneur in financial education field to help clients / business associates to achieve financial independence. I’m also investor as well as blogger to share my thought regarding success. First, I am huge believer in success mindset. In fact, I believe 95% of all of our success is coming from our mindset, only 5% of our success is so called “How to” aspect. Success mindset will lead to actions and actions will ultimately create results. How do I realize about this? Let’s go back to see my past Just like most people, I was taught to work hard and go up to the corporate ladder. I was working hard for the job in Japanese company in Los Angeles California. Although I got married with beautiful wife, Cindy, we were at rat race:

  • No matter how hard we worked, more days always left at end of our money.

  • I was struggling financially while job occupied more of our valuable time. I hated I asked my boss for permission every time I asked for vacation.

During midst of our struggle, I found the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and learned about passive income. This is the time when we started to meet successful investors as well as business owners. I was fortunate enough to actually take a look at their life by associating with them. What I realized was: I did not even know that this kind of world even existed… We were dazzled by those associations and what they have (Wealth and happiness). We started to take action. Cindy and I attempted many endeavors before our current business including:

  • Real estate investing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Other business ventures
  • Other investments

However, we did not get any sizable results no matter how much we tried to do and we were struggling how to crack the code of success. Then, I started to notice very simple yet very few people can see. That is, No matter what kind of wealth building vehicles we choose, it seems that only few percentage of people take those knowledge to go to the top and most of the people are falling behind… Once I started to understand this, not only our result in our financial education business improved dramatically but also every aspect of our lives. In other words, This is not about so called “How to” but this is all about inner mind. Since then, I become serious student of personal development and self-growth.

Now, I always focus on teaching and training concept of success mindset not only to my business associates for growing their business but also my clients as I strongly believe that we all need to cultivate our inner mind before manifesting material wealth. My intention to create this website is to share the tips and wisdom over 6 years of our wealth building journey not only to help my clients / business associate but also help everyone else that wants to create financial freedom. This is my sincere hope that everyone can get some benefits out from this website. I look forward to connecting with all of you.