Have you ever dreamed of your prospects chasing you for the business instead of you chasing them? If you are in the home business, I am sure you dreamed this scenario at least once for sure. Fortunately, it is totally possible if you implement proper marketing. Basically, there are two forms of doing business; active prospecting and passive marketing. Most people in home business are already doing active prospecting. However, very few are doing passive marketing…


Active prospecting is reaching out to the individuals for your business. Most trainers in home business teach active prospecting. Advantage of active prospecting is that we can get faster result since we will be reaching out to the individual and directly talk to them. However, we need to keep prospecting people since we will be talking to one by one most of the time.


On the other hands, passive marketing is to putting the contents or information in hope of unnamed individuals react and response to these information.  Different from active prospecting, very few trainers truly understand the passive marketing and teaching to the downlines.  However, power of passive marketing can be enormous. My mentor, Ray Higdon has built very successful blog that has made millions and millions of dollars. Here is the power of passive marketing via blog and other social media strategies that he implemented:


  • He has built over 250,000 followers in his Facebook page
  • He has built website, Rayhigdon.com has made millions and millions of dollars
  • Currently, his website brings 4,000 – 5,000 leads / prospects per month in every single month and he cannot stop it
  • He still get the purchases of his sales / business training from the blogs that he posted 5 years ago (Marketing has longevity)
  • His website has attracted and recruited many people via his website


It all started when he started to blog around 2009…


This seems all good. However, different from active prospecting, you won’t get the immediate result. Passive marketing definitely isn’t get rich quick process. You need to put your time and effort consistently over time for your marketing to eventually work. Ray Higdon mentioned he did not get any leads for first 6 month of his blogging given that he was blogging almost every single day for 6 months.  Ray Higdon always said that passive marketing / personal branding is definitely not for everybody since it will take a lot more work than just simply active prospecting.


If you want to do passive marketing, we need to understand that we need to keep doing active prospecting on top of doing passive marketing as there will be no leads for first couple of months.  However, if you harness the power of passive marketing, you will eventually get steady stream of leads coming to you without reaching out to the people.



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