Have you ever experienced the times where you thought you set up the appointment (Inviting to the meeting, webinar or one on one appointment) but prospects did not show up and you felt bit stupid? Don’t worry it is not only you. Everyone had fair shares of those called “no shows” for whatever you set up the appointments.  In fact, I had so many times I had those moments.


Since then, I’ve learned so many tactics and strategies from many trainers. This is something I learned from Ray Higdon and has worked very well so I would like to share these tip to you. Although it won’t work this 100% of the time, my ratio of securing appointment went up dramatically. In this blog, I would like to share the tip on how to securely setting up the appointment.


When you invite your prospect or set up appointment, you need to check if they are serious or not. Here is actually very easy way to tell if they are serious. Pay attention to how they respond to you. Here is what I mean.


When you try to set up the appointment, does your prospect say,

  • Yes, I will be there. What time should I be there? or
  • Okay, I will try to be there at that time…


What do you think which of two sentences assure that your prospect will do exactly what you ask?  It is pretty obvious…


The second sentence, if prospect responded that way to you, then you can fully expect that you won’t see them at appointment… It seems very obvious but many people would say “Great! I will see you there!” and disappointed because they don’t show up. This is our responsibility to make sure that they will show up. Here is what to do. When your prospect responded that way, you will stop them by asking “Try? It seems that you are not sure. Are you going to be there at 7pm or not going to be there at 7pm? Totally fine either way“. You will stop the prospect when you feel that they respond that way.


Once you ask prospects like this, they felt you mean it and they may ask additional questions or if they are not really interested, they will tell you if they agree to meet you or not.


I like the analogy that Ray Higdon makes. Let’s say, you own $100 million law firm and client inquires your service and want to meet you. When you offer what day and what time would you be available for appointment, if your potential client responded with “I will try to be there at that time…”, are you going to respond with “Great! I will see you there”? No, you will probably respond with “Look, my time is valuable and will have to see so many clients, are you serious or not serious to have meeting with me?“.


Here is the key. Whatever your home business we are in,  we are professional. If we treat ourselves professional, then your prospects will also treat you as professional. If you have this mindset, you will start to secure more and more appointments without no show.



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