Approval Addiction: Why Most People Quit the Business

Approval Addiction: Why Most People Quit the Business

In this weekend, I was taking the business building class taught by the author of “How Rich People Think” and “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class”, Steve Siebold.  This session is about how we train / coach your people as mentor or coach so that they will become successful.  I learned so much techniques and knowledge of how we train business associate from coaching standpoint…


Especially, one thing that shock me is how most people cannot take rejection and quit the business.


Steve Siebold asked,


“What is the number 1 reason why most people quit the business?”


Then, he continued, Based on the survey,


46% of our business people said they can handle rejection well, also

23% of our business people said they don’t take rejection personally


Yet, over 80% of people quit in the business in the first year.


He continued that even if a lot of people said that they can take rejection personally, in reality, most people are not.  That’s the reason why most people quit along the way.


Then, he said something intrigued


Because almost 100% of people have thing called “Approval Addiction”


Almost 100% of people are addicted to approval of others…


He continued,


“We, as human being, tend to seek acceptance and approval of others when we do something.  We have have been trained that way since we are kids.  Every time, we want something, did we ask parents or teachers if we can take it didn’t we?”


This continues even after we become adult.


So when it comes to doing the business, most people tries to seek the acceptance and approval from their friends or family by sharing how wonderful their business are.  However, typically, they don’t find that.


Most people that they talk to say

“This is scam”

“You never become successful before, you won’t make it”

“Don’t waste your time, get the job”


Then, they got hurt emotionally and quit…


Again, this is because of approval addiction…


Approval addiction is just like drag addiction or alcohol addiction.  Just like alcohol addict must keep drinking alcohol to stay high or feel comfortable, approval addict also needs to keep receiving approval from others.


So how drag and alcohol addicts get better?  They do detox; process to remove alcohol or drag out of their body.  It is same as approval addiction.


The process can be very brutal just like any other detox process,


Most people want to be millionaire when they first start to doing the business.  But, they think that they need to feel pain forever in order to get to the million.  Pain of getting million is too huge and they quit in the end…


Good news is, just like any other addiction, pain is not forever if we do proper treatment…


This process is called “Systematic desensitization”


Word seems complicated but simply this means keep getting rejection to numb yourself to rejection.  Helpful tip that I receive is


In order to desensitize from rejection, it is almost requirements to reject you to get stronger just like detox process.  So when we get rejected, just think that this is desensitization process and it is not last forever.


Here is the great news…


If you master this and if you can teach other associates or business partners to do the same, you will create unlimited wealth from your business…

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