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My name is Takeshi. I am entrepreneur in financial education field to help clients / business associates to achieve financial independence. Takeshi Yashima's Formulfaforprosperity Blog Email: Tel: 847-736-6744

Simple Truth About Not Creating Success In Home Business

Do you want to know the simple truth why most people won't create success in home business? This is very simple reason yet many are falling into this.  Here is how story starts...   We just finished our company event. In this time, guest speaker was very famous Grant Cardone. He was talking in front [...]

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What Is #1 Factor For Creating Success

I just came back from my company event.  This was just epic business conference.  Over 30,000 entrepreneurs attended this event for learning how to build solid and lasting business.  I personally got so many nuggets from successful business builders.   In particular, my mentor was on the stage sharing her wisdom in front of 30,000 [...]

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How To Use Your Frustration To Your Advantage

If you are in the journey of becoming entrepreneur, I am sure that there is a time when you feel frustrated.  Certainly, I have those frustrating moments in fare share of times for my wealth building journey.  When things did not go their way, most people tend to get frustrated and focus on current circumstances [...]

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How To Keep Going Without Being Discouraged

I am currently in Las Vegas for attending company event with my team.  All of my team are ready to change their life with this life changing event!  I am planning to share my take away from the speaker while I am in Las Vegas.   Today, I was at leadership meeting and what one [...]

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What To Say If Prospect Ask “I have heard of this company before”

When you are prospecting people, have you ever asked "I have heard of this company before" after your prospect asks you what's your company name?  I know so many people struggle to overcome this question from their prospects.  In this blog, I would like to share how I handle this question.   When it comes [...]

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How To Ask Right Questions To Prospects

Have you ever been told from your mentor that you need to ask questions rather than talking to prospect?  And, are you the one who wonder what kind of questions we need to ask to the prospects?  Believe me, I was there before.  When my mentor taught me, I was wondering "What kind of questions? [...]

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The 4 Corner Stones In Building Successful Business

Yesterday, I had privilege to get trained by CEO in our company.  He shared with us the 4 corner stones in building successful business. In this blog, I will share what is the 4 corner stones to create big success in business.   Before going into the detail, this person was used to be one [...]

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What Is Most Destructive Word To Your Success

All successful people say that creating success in any endeavors is 1% skills and 99% mindset.  I am sure that many of you already heard this over and over again. Yet, many truly don't understand this when obstacle really hits them...  When obstacle or challenge hits them, first thing that they comes up in mind [...]

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2 Tips On How To Approach People Without Being Pushy

Many people's concern when starting out their home business is what if their prospects (i.e friends and families) think you are too pushy.  Have you ever thought about that?  Worse, does this thinking prevent you from taking action?  Then, you are in the right blog post. Today, I will discuss how to approach people without [...]

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3 Big Reasons Why Home Business Can Be The Best Option

Have you ever considered having home business before?  I have been in this wealth building journey for almost 10 years and have tried many different things, including real estate, online business as well as other business ventures.  In my experiences, home business is the best thing that I have ever done among the things I [...]

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