Yesterday, I was lucky and privileged enough to listen new million dollar earner’s sharing as to how he and his wife started from young engineer all the way to new millionaire in the business.

During his sharing, he asked audiences, “What do you think about success? What’s success looks like?”.

Some answer, “If we keep taking actions / activities, eventually, there will be results which lead to success”.

He replied, “that’s what I thought also before. But, do you all had experiences where your business did not go any where (or it went worse) no matter how much you worked or tried?”

Everyone (Who’s been in the business for a while) raised hand.

“Here is the secret of what I found out…”. Then, he showed the picture like this

Just like saving money, in the beginning, you feel like nothing has changed no matter how much efforts you put it into the business. Many make mistakes of daily activities / routines do not matter. So most stop doing it in the middle… Actually,

It does matter…

Speaker’s journey was just like the picture. In the beginning, nothing much is going on no matter how much he and his wife put efforts. After couple of years of continuous efforts / activities, their efforts started to compound…

Now, his and his wife’s income exceeded 1 million dollar in mere 12 years of their business…

On the other hands, failure does not come suddenly either. Just like drinking or eating, if we know that we are going to die by having one Mc Donald hamburger (No offense to the Mc Donald), are we going to eat it? We won’t…

Because it does not seem to matter to our health by having one burger, some people keep eating burgers until it is too late to handle their health.

So does wealth building…

Does skipping one training event totally destroy your business? Answer is “No”. Most people see the illusion by thinking it does not seem to matter if they skip one meeting / training or whatever the daily routine that they supposed to do…

This bad behaviors will compound over time and it will eventually lead to business failure (out of business, quitting business).

If you want to create success in anything in life, understand and leverage compounding to your advantage; we all need to keep taking consistent actions / activities every day. If you keep this habit, your success is inevitable…

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