In my business or other businesses (like real estate, network marketing etc), I have seen thousands of people come and go (Trust me I was one of people that come and go also)…


All of them, at first, have intention to create this part-time business / investing so that they can achieve time freedom or financial freedom. Then, you might wonder why most of people who ever started never finished and disappeared in the middle? Here is the answer:


Most people significantly underestimate what it takes to create success, period…


I know so many people who ever started to build their venture disappeared because of this one simple reason…


First, they are excited to start their venture. As they start to see the difficulty, their motivation started to wear off, so many disappointments, rejections, negativities from friends and families. Those slowly but surely affect them. At the end, they think that they want to achieve their goals but all of those things are too high price for them to pay. Then, when I followed up with those people, they will start to justify themselves why they cannot do it…


This is the tip for people who are in the leadership business, If you start to hear from your people saying


  • I have to take care of my family / kids so I cannot come to the training
  • My job is so busy that I am not available to do the business
  • I am very busy with other things
  • I want to take break from this (Even if they say I will be back, don’t expect them to come back…)
  • etc etc


Then, this is huge warning sign that those individuals are about to quit because they think it is much more work required than they thought it was…


Fact of the matter is…


Anything worthwhile will require significant amount of time and effort and most newbies do not know that aspect… Just think about it. If it is so easy, everyone would be millionaire already…


Here is my tip.


Even if you might be in part time in business / investing, work as if you have another full time job. Even if this might be part time opportunity, you need to operate your mindset toward your business as full time business. Trust me, I have seen so many people who treat their business as part time in hope of achieving financial freedom quit in the middle of their journey because they are lack in this mindset.


If you embrace the fact that business / investing (even call it part time) will require much more time than you ever thought possible and full time mentality, trust me, your world will be exploded into change.



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