It’s been a while since I update my blog. This blog is sequence to the previous blog topic; How I lost over 30 LBs in less than 2 months. Also,


I would love to update my diet journey too. 🙂


First, let’s see this picture.


I did lose weight from 225 LBs to 175 LBs in 4 months. I really don’t mean to blag anything… Since I post this picture in Facebook, countless number of people asked me exactly “HOW” I did lose weight in such a drastic way…


I told them, “Just do 3 things; eating less, exercise more and keep doing this every day…


In previous blog, I said that most people know exactly what they need to do; you know it, I know it and everybody knows it. Diet (In this example) is very simple; just reduce food intake and do more exercise will surely lead to the results that most people want to have.


However, why are most people still overweight?


Answering this question is the today’s topic…


When most people make decision to lose weight, they will start right away; they usually try to go to gym and spend 2 ~ 3 hours grinding their body.




Here is what most people’s failure comes in,


They do not keep going; they are not consistent and persistent…  


When people are excited and fired up, anybody can work out longer hours. However, most people stop doing the daily activities that lead to the goal; they get distracted (or become lazy) due to lack of results.


In the end, most people stay where they are… (And worse, they quit)


This not only applies for diet but also anything else in life; whether this is real estate investing, entrepreneurship or in my business, lack of consistency and persistence are the number one factor most people don’t get the results that they want and eventually, quit.


I have seen thousands of people (Wanna-be real estate investors, entrepreneurs) who are very excited in the first time and started to fade away and eventually disappear completely. This is all stems from lack of consistency…


All I can tell you is


If you don’t have consistency, it is guaranteed to fail in every endeavor that you try to do…


Do you want to get guaranteed results in anything you do? Stay in the game; execute your daily activities every day without stopping. We all know exactly what to do and how we do it so what to do and how to do it is not the issue. Staying in your course for extended period of time UNTIL you get the result will allow you to achieve guaranteed results.



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