My business associates and I went to one day business building seminar yesterday. We have learned so many nuggets from all the millionaires from leadership, mindset and business building. Here is my biggest take away from this session. She is the person who are making $2.5 million dollars a year income from business that she is in. She said,


You are the only limitation for everything from happening


I was wondering what she meant. However, as she elaborated more about what she meant, her meaning became clear…


Whether this is sales, recruiting and closing, you are the only one stops sales, recruiting and closing from taking place. It’s not because of your prospects, clients and customers.


It’s you…


I know it is very tough to hear for most people… However, we are the only limitation. Have you ever had situation where you are not fully convinced with what’s you offer so you did not go all the way to close? Prospect, client, and customer always can feel you even if you don’t talk. I had these moments where I was not sure if this is good for my prospect so I did not go all the way to close my prospect. I thought I did but in deep inside of my mind, I had this thought and my prospect sense it…


If you are in sales in some ways shape of forms (In reality, anybody is in sales, maybe your title is different like, negotiator, mediator, insurance agent, realtor, entrepreneur, business owner, financial adviser and network marketer, we are all in sales…), do you have 100% belief in


  • Your business
  • Your product / service
  • Your opportunity
  • Your company
  • Yourself


If you are not fully convinced that your business, product, opportunity, company or yourself can deliver total solution to prospect, client, and customer, it is no way for you to go all the way to them and they feel it (as a result, they are not going to buy or join…)


Her talk actually resonated with me the most because this is so true…  In order to increase in sales, recruiting and most importantly closing, we need to improve on inner part (Why, belief, mindset) rather than outer part (Skillset or fact). If you are fully convinced that your company, product, opportunity will bring total solution to your prospects, clients and customers, you will inevitably create more results for yourself.



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