My team and I were at our company event. This company event was one of the best conventions that I ever attended since I came into my current business.


One of the best moments for me was when Tim Grover spoke and share his mindset. For those who don’t know who is Tim Grover, he is the top coach for famous NBA basketball players, such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade and he is the author of the book “Relentless”. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that mindset of the sports athlete possesses similar mindset as business owner. Tim Grover shared that this is not about techniques but mindset that counts.


Toward the end of his training, Tim Grover stated one word hits me the hardest into my heart. He said,


Life is always on your way if you let it


Many people in home business make countless number of excuses why they can’t do something like


  • I need to take care of kids so that’s the reason why I cannot come to the convention
  • I have full time job so I can’t become successful in the business
  • My leader is so far away from me. That’s the reason why I am not successful
  • etc etc


Let’s take first one. I have seen literary countless numbers of people (Including some of my team members) say to me that they can’t have a time to do the business because of their kids. Most use kids as excuse why they can’t do something instead of using them as motivation as to the reason why they need to do this. In this convention, I have seen many mom with kids create mega success in the business. I was touched by heart when one lady who has 3 kids shared she did take actions in spite of 3 kids that she need to take care because she is not only wanting them to see her as lovely mommy but also want them to respect her as well as see her as a hero.


We all have our own issues in the home. Successful people never let life affect them, whereas most people use those things as excuse not to do something…


Life is always on your way if you let it. You are in the driver seat…



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