I have been in my business for almost 5 years and I honestly had struggle with inviting my prospects to either setting up one on one appointment or inviting them to the opportunity meeting until I got this advise from my mentor, Ray Higdon. This is not only very effective but also very logical…


In order to have effectively inviting your prospects, you need to act like big time business owner. If you hear this first time, you may feel “what?”. However, this is exactly what you need to do. Let’s imagine that you go to interview for two companies; company A and company B. Based on the conversation, which one you want to work for more?


Company A

Oh, you are exactly what we are looking for. We have this and that. Please join our firm please!!!


Company B

Our firm has excellent reputation in the industry and because of it, we only hire qualified candidates. Please tell us why you think you are right person to our firm? Why you want to work for us? We don’t know if we will hire you or not but you have good quality but we can’t promise you to give you the opportunity.


If you go to the interview, which one you will be more attracted? Almost 100% of people will choose company B. Why? People tend to cherish more if they know it’s not really accessible to everybody. People want to get involved with the opportunity that is short supply. If it is available to everybody, people are not going to be attracted.


Also, company A seems to be very desperate. If candidates feel and wonder why this company is so desperate to find the candidate, they will start to think for themselves, “Is this something wrong with this company?”. On the other hands, company B is very confident and they feel that they are in higher position than the candidates as if they think “We are providing the opportunity for you“.


It seems to be very obvious to most people. When it comes to doing home business, which approach most home business entrepreneurs take? Believe it or not, most are adopting approach from company A. They come off so desperate and insecure to the prospects that most will be overwhelmed by many objections by their prospects…


Ray Higdon shared “how would you talk to people if you own $100 million firm and you are the CEO of that firm?” You will probably carry yourself as giving them an opportunity instead of begging them. My other mentor said that you want to work with everybody but you don’t need anybody. We all need to have this kind of mindset. Especially, in the beginning, most people don’t perceive home business as real business. However, you need to remember this; even if you are the only person in your business, this is your business and you are CEO of your firm. If you can take care of your business as real business, I will promise you that you will start to receive totally different responses from your prospects.



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