Building Community: Critical Step to Success

Building Community: Critical Step to Success

It’s been almost 3 and half years since I become business owner.  During these times, I learned a lot about important things that required for the business success such as communication skills, product knowledge and mindset and such.  However, I felt one of the most important things in order to succeed in any business endeavor is creating the community.  Many people might wonder that what I mean by community.  I was one of them.  Many successful entrepreneurs emphasize this point but I did not fully get what they meant until very recently.


Have you ever experienced?


–          Your employees quit all the time


–          Your team member consistently left from your organization


–          At least, they are not really motivated even if you try to do many training


Do you ever experienced some individuals are doing great business with great people (even attracting them into), while you cannot retain any people no matter what you do?


This is all because of lack of community / culture around your organization…


One of the business owners that I respect said


In order to build successful business, don’t be focusing on transactional but fully focus on building community.” 


At first, I thought selling more products (transaction) leads to building more business.  At the end, increasing profit will lead to business success right?


I was wrong…


So, what’s mean by building community?


Let me explain…


Whoever doing the business for a while (or investing in general as well) understand that


It is not easy to make money in business or investing.  It will take hard work and lots of sacrifices.  Only naïve people think that they can get passive income and not doing anything if we somehow start to invest in … (Fill in the blank, real estate, business etc, it seems common sense but you will see lots of people without common sense believe me…).  People will face lots of disappointments such as


–          Rejections (Lots of)

–          Lost money

–          Friends turn against you

–          Work hard while everyone enjoys their time

–          And more and more


Due to these disappointments and hardships, most will quit (I mean 95% of people) because they cannot take it.  I understand that cultivating successful mindset is one of the keys to overcome those obstacles but it is still hard for the people to overcome solely by themselves.  Here is where concept of building community comes in.


At first, very few people can motivate themselves.  By creating community by team lunch, dinner, party and Getaway; in other words, by sharing the hard works, obstacles and joy of achieving organizational goals, your team (or employees) feel sense of belonging and will be more open and share their feeling.  And most importantly, they feel home and important.  Once you can create this kind of environment, they will choose to stay in your organization not because their duty but because they WANT to be part of it.  If your team can attain this level, they will


–          Do more for you

–          Not easily quit or move to another organization even though they face obstacles

–          Support you for whatever your goal you have


The leaders with this building skills will inevitably become more successful over time than those who do not.  By how much?


It’s massive…


I can now even say that your business success will be depending on this skill.  If you cannot create the community within your organization, chances are: you probably cannot even retain the good quality people.  Without it, people may join you for a short while because of artificial factor like exotic compensation (That’s all they can see in the beginning).  However, they will eventually quit or worse, move to other leaders who do have this skill.  I will leave with what my mentor said in regard to the community.


If you build your team, they will work hard with you. However, once you build your tribe, they will die for you to your cause.

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