I was reading Grant Cardone’s book called “Sell or Be Sold”.  One of the chapters of the book actually enlightened me as well as made me realize…


When it comes to the sales, it’s never about the price…


Grant Cardone asks in his book, “Are your service like Holiday Inn? Or are your service like Ritz Carlton”


In Ritz Carlton, one night stay will cost $600+. Whereas, Holiday Inn costs like $80. What’s the difference between those two hotels?


It’s service.  If you go to Ritz Carlton, rooms are almost always full, even if stay is $500+ more expensive than Holiday Inn. Whereas, Holiday Inn almost always have vacancy, even if cost is $500 lower than Ritz Carlton. Why many people are willing to stay in Ritz Carlton even if cost is much more expensive than cheaper hotels?


It’s service. They want to get great experiences and  services. By staying in there, they will feel serviced and great because of exceptional services that they will provide…


If you always are asked for price objections, you need to ask yourself “Do I provide $49 services or provide few hundred dollar exceptional services like Ritz Carlton”. According to Grant Cardone, if your services are exceptional, your prospects / clients / customers WILL quit shopping on price…


I got total enlightenment from what he shared in that book.  Nowadays, I am constantly thinking myself “How can I get better and provide better services to my clients…”


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