Biggest Tip On Inviting Prospects

I have been in my business for almost 5 years and I honestly had struggle with inviting my prospects to either setting up one on one appointment or inviting them to the opportunity meeting until I got this advise from my mentor, Ray Higdon. This is not only very effective but also very logical...   [...]

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Mindset Tip: Are You Bigger Than Your Problems?

This post is actually 200 posts since I started this blog! For those who religiously read my blog, thank you so much. I will continually keep sharing my thought and what I learned in this blog.   Today, I just saw the quote that I posted two years ago. It says...   "You can tell [...]

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Goal Setting Tip: One Critical Advise From My Mentor

Happy new year everyone! I wish all of you had great new year celebration. We are now in officially 2018!   If you are reading this blog, you probably set goal (Business, family, financial etc). Setting the goal is absolute critical step in order to get to where you want to be. Just like GPS, [...]

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One Question You Need To Ask Yourself For Business Success

We had full timer meeting during Christmas Day, 12/25 this year. Although most are enjoying their holiday weekend with loved one, many committed partners and associates came to our office to create the strategies for 2018 for their business success. Even CEO and my mentor also came to our office because he impressed with our [...]

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Inviting Tip: Pre-framing Prospects Part 2

Yesterday, I talk about success in inviting, recruiting and sales are all depending on good pre-framing. Some might ask "So what's the good pre-framing"? In this blog, I would like to dive bit deeper on the subject Pre-framing.   As I said in last blog, great pre-frame will prepare prospects what's the purpose of the [...]

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Inviting Tip: Pre-Framing Prospects

Last night, my office hosted Christmas party for team members, existing clients as well as new prospects. In fact, over 100+ people (Out of 100+ people, 40 people are potential clients / business partners) came to our Christmas party to celebrate the holiday with us...   In business sense, we obviously hosted the event for [...]

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How To Respond When Prospect Says “I Want To Think About It”

You did wonderful presentation and you thought you can get your prospect on board. Then prospect said to you   I want to think about it...   Have you ever experienced your prospect said to you? I bet you do. I totally understand that this is very frustrating response from your prospect. If we get [...]

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What I Learned From Tony Robbins

My business partners and I were at Las Vegas yesterday for attending one of the most excited seminars that I was waiting for so long; we learned business strategies from best of the best, Tony Robbins. This event is exclusive and special. Not all people can qualify to attend and only selected top in our [...]

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The Most Important Sales

Now, I am listening "Sell or Be Sold" by Grant Cardone. This audio is another great one that all of entrepreneurs should listen. I am in the middle of the audio but I have learned tons...   In 5th chapter, Grant discusses about what is the most important sales for your success in sales. I [...]

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Power Of No Excuse Mentality

I am listening Grant Cardone's audiobook "10X Rule" in my car. This is really good audiobook and highly recommend people who want to achieve more in life.  In one of the sections of the audiobook, he was talking about excuses. Excuses is, by his definition...   "An “excuse” is a justification for doing—or not doing—something. [...]

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