How To Respond With Objection “Can I See Company Website?”

Have you ever encountered the objection from your prospect, "I would like to see your website" or "Can I see your company website?"? Again, this is another objection that make new people totally nervous and paralyzed (Some people started to get some sweat after hearing this because they are too nervous). In this blog, I [...]

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How To Set Up The Appointment To Cold Market Prospects During Networking Event

There are so many ways to prospect cold market prospects but my favorite way to prospect is to go to networking event as I can get many contacts in one location for short period of time.   While many people also do the same and get the business card from cold market prospects, have you [...]

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Prospecting Tips: How To Initiate Conversation In Networking Event Without Being Weird

Today, I just came back from the event called "Small Business Expo". This was such a great event for entrepreneurs, start-up as well as the people who are thinking about starting their own business. There were probably thousands of people in the event. It's not only just normal business networking event but they offer speed [...]

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3 Best Prospecting Places For The Introvert

Do you want to talk to more prospects and most importantly get the contact from them but your shyness prevents you from talking to more people? While all of us need to constantly improve ourselves to get out of our own self-imposed limitation (And, being introvert certainly is many people's limitation), there are many places that [...]

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Leadership: Are You Good Leader Or Nice Leader?

When it comes to building successful home business, we all need to become a leader. If you are in the home business, I am sure that you heard a lot about this comment from your mentors. But, what's leadership really? When I was at training, my mentor asked everybody,   "Are you good leader or [...]

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How To Turn Your Obstacle Into Opportunity

Are you in the tough situation or facing obstacle right now and feeling down? When it comes to home business, you might be in the situation where   Your spouse gives you hard time because he or she is not supportive to your business You cannot really do the business properly because you are dead [...]

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What To Do If You Have Non-Supportive Spouse

Are you in home business and strive to work hard but your spouse is so against about you doing the business? Believe me, you are not alone. I have seen so many people started to do home business. However, their spouse absolutely does not agree with the idea of you pursuing the home business. In [...]

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Appointment Tip: How To SECURELY Set Up Appointment

Have you ever experienced the times where you thought you set up the appointment (Inviting to the meeting, webinar or one on one appointment) but prospects did not show up and you felt bit stupid? Don't worry it is not only you. Everyone had fair shares of those called "no shows" for whatever you set [...]

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One Guaranteed Way NOT Succeeding In Home Business (This Applies Anything Else In Life)

Do you know what is one sure way not to succeed in your home business? I know it is weird title. However, many people aspired to start home business fall into this trap (or even some people in the business before but gave up like I above to share). In this blog, I will share [...]

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What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like It

Have you ever experienced the time where you don't feel like doing the thing that you supposed to do to create your success? If you are an entrepreneur, I know that there are the time when you don't feel like doing anything. Especially, when things don't go in your way, you don't feel like to [...]

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