How To Properly Startup Your New Team Member Part 2

In part 1, I shared that 1st pitfall that most people make when they start up new team member; they assume that all new team members want to build great business like them without asking their commitment level / goal for joining the business. As a result, many uplines drive many new team members crazy [...]

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How To Properly Startup Your New Team Member Part 1

It is always exciting for all of us when new team member joins to our team. Especially, you will be so excited how new person can change the direction of your business and this person can be your next super star...   However, many people dropped the ball when they do the orientation for new [...]

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#1 Reason Holding You Back From Creating Success

What is #1 reason that prevents you from creating success? Especially, when it comes to building business, this is absolutely the number 1 reason why people don't create success. Are you ready for this? That is...   Blaming in any kinds...   In human nature, if things did not go our way, we tend to [...]

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Facebook Marketing Tip: How To Create Curiosity About Your Home Business

Before talking about today's blog, have you ever...   You post about birthday, your kids and families and getting hundreds of likes but as soon as you post about your business venture, you only get few likes?   Frustrated isn't it?   Believe me, you are not alone.   This is not because of your [...]

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3 Most Common Inviting Mistakes Most Newbies Make

Do you want to know 3 most common inviting mistakes that most people make? I have seen so many new people blowing the opportunity to invite prospects to either appointment or opportunity meeting. Certainly, I also made the same mistakes when I was starting out and you want to avoid making those three mistakes.   [...]

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Inviting Tip: Invite Right Away Or Build Relationship?

When it comes to inviting prospects, one of the typical invitation questions that I usually get is   "How do you invite? Are you inviting your prospect right away or do you take time to build relationship and then invite?"   My answer is always depends...   I have two categories when it comes to [...]

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Mental Toughness: Is It Important For Business Success?

In my home business, we have two classes; product class and business class. For those who want to do the business, they usually go to business class and others go to product class if they are happy being the customer. Many newbies want to learn about skills (Business skills) but not mindset. They sometimes even [...]

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Why Almost Everyone Should Build Residual Income

I am often asked why I am doing home business. I am in home business for one thing and one thing only: residual income...   I am not in home business for transactional income. If I am seeking for transactional income then, I probably would do car sales person, become real estate agent, or flipping [...]

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#1 Skill To Develop For Building Thriving Business

At Monday morning full timer meeting yesterday, someone said very interesting. That person said something like   "Our product is so good. Why it is so hard to promote and make sales?"   Then I said,   "If product is totally sell itself, then company does not need us..."   Many people (Especially newbies) think [...]

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How To Explode Your Team

Do you want to know how to explode your team? If you are in the home business, I am sure that you want to build massive organization. Chairman level business owner shared the secret how to explode the team during training in Northern California. She shared the experience about how her mentor exploded her organization.  [...]

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