2 Tips On How To Approach People Without Being Pushy

Many people's concern when starting out their home business is what if their prospects (i.e friends and families) think you are too pushy.  Have you ever thought about that?  Worse, does this thinking prevent you from taking action?  Then, you are in the right blog post. Today, I will discuss how to approach people without [...]

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How To Improve Your Communication Skills

Do you want to start your own business or thinking about starting one but, you feel building business is hard because you are shy or lack of communication skills? You are not alone.  In fact, I was very introvert when I was working in Japanese company as engineer. I had struggle with communicating with people [...]

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Common Mistake That Most People Make In Home Business

Today, I would like to share what's common mistake that most people make in home business and two advises that might help to improve this situation.   Yesterday, I was in San Diego for my business.  My business partner brought the prospect for business meeting for potential business partner.  He told me that   "My [...]

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What To Do When Your Team Is Not Moving

Let me ask you question.   Have you ever experienced that your team is not doing what you wish them to do? Have you gone crazy because your team is not moving no matter how much you teach or motivate them?   If you are in the home business for any length of time, I [...]

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Invitation Tips: Will You Call or Text?

Some asked me and other trainers how we should set up appointment in either meeting or one on one appointment.   Now, there are many medium of communications, such as text, email, Facebook message and of course traditional phone call.  Many prefers to use non-phone communications because they don't have to talk to them...   [...]

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Closing: How to Use Feeling to Your Advantage

I just finished meeting with my business partner's prospect (Both husband and wife).  He likes the idea of having passive income through building business and he joined force to our business.   I just want to share that using feeling during conversation is one of the most persuasive ways to convert someone to do whatever [...]

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Guide to Prospecting in Networking Events

One of my favorite ways for prospecting is in networking events .  I go to networking events in 3 - 4 days a week.  It is very convenient way to reach out to many people in one place.   However, many people drop the ball when they are in the networking event.  Here is the [...]

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Tips on Communicating with Prospects

Whether this is prospecting, following up or closing, do you struggle with responding to the prospect or you ask,   "In such situation, What should I say? (With panic voice)   You are not alone...   I will give you two tips on how to talk to your prospects.  I learned these tips from Mr. [...]

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