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How To Make Prospects Want To See Your Opportunity

Have you ever gotten not-sure kind of response from prospect when you invite them to the opportunity meeting or one on one appointment? Do you wonder why you have hard time inviting people to the opportunity meeting or setting up one on one appointment because they just not say yes to you?  Have you ever [...]

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Team Building Tip: How To Identify Right Person To Build

In home business, you will bring many people into your business hoping that some will build the empire with you. Yet, no matter how much time and effort you put in, your new team members don't even move or worse, quit the business and you feel so disappointed? You are not alone. Don't get me [...]

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How To Respond With Question “How Long Does It Take To Create Success”

Have you ever heard from some prospects asking "If your company is good, how long does it take to create success?" This is another objection that many people are struggling to answer. In this blog, I would like to address how I would handle this question.   Here is the list of questions that very [...]

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Active Prospecting vs. Passive Marketing

Have you ever dreamed of your prospects chasing you for the business instead of you chasing them? If you are in the home business, I am sure you dreamed this scenario at least once for sure. Fortunately, it is totally possible if you implement proper marketing. Basically, there are two forms of doing business; active [...]

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4 Essential Tools You Must Have For Creating Successful Blog

Blog is becoming one of the most important tools for your marketing. I am sure you have heard experts say "Sales and marketing is the most important aspect of your business. Even if your product is the top notch product, if nobody knows about your products, it means nothing". It is very true in any business. [...]

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How To Respond With Question “What Do You Do?”

Are you having hard time answering the question from prospects "what do you do?" during networking event or other occasion? This seems very simple and very typical introductory question during networking event. Yet, I've seen so many people struggle answering this question... Here is how to answer.   First, this question will be asked by almost [...]

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My Thought On Recruiting: Why I Recruit

Today's blog is bit going into my personal story. But, this message may inspire some people who struggle recruiting people into your organization. I have seen hundreds of people who struggle about recruiting. Especially, new people think that recruiting is something that they are taking advantage of people or making money off them. Why do [...]

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Difference Between Amateur vs. Pro

Nowadays, I am listening the audio book named "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield (Looks like Art of War but it's different book). This book discussed about resistance. Individual success is depending on how to handle the resistance inside of your mind. I am not going to reveal too much about this book but [...]

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True Cost Of Missed Opportunity Part 2

I just finished my company's business building training event in San Jose. Since event took place in Northern California, I had to fly there to attend the event. However, content was fantastic. Both my team and I got so many golden nuggets from best of the best in the industry.   Especially, one of the [...]

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How To Motivate Your Team To Do More

Have you ever thought how you can motivate your team to do more? Almost everyone thought of this before if you have ever recruited one person into your organization. We all know that we need to work together with your entire organization as a team in order to create success in home business.  In this [...]

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