Want To Quit? Those Might Help…

Quitting is one of very common characteristics when it comes to wealth building. I've seen countless situations where people excited at first and then their energy started to drain because of so many disappointments and rejections. Eventually, their interest of becoming financially free completely faded away.   This blog is for those who are thinking [...]

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Biggest Pitfall For Part Timers (In Business)

In my business or other businesses (like real estate, network marketing etc), I have seen thousands of people come and go (Trust me I was one of people that come and go also)...   All of them, at first, have intention to create this part-time business / investing so that they can achieve time freedom [...]

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Why Memorizing Script Is Waste Of Time (Even Winning Script)

First, this is not talking about script for acting etc. I am talking about sales and business (You might probably know already. My blog is business, sales, entrepreneurship)...   In sales environment (whether this is traditional sales career or business opportunities like network marketing), it is very common that people who did great results shared [...]

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One Of The Biggest Pitfalls Most People Fall Into

Well... This is out of my own experiences and this is very true...  One of the biggest pitfalls most people (Whether they want to invest in real estate or want to start their own business) is...   They did not take actions consistent enough and long enough to reap the big payoff...    I have [...]

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Power Of Association: How To Tap Into Your True Potential

Many people ask me how to improve and as a result get result faster. I always share with those who ask this question.   One of the most important factors in regard to how fast you can grow is...   Who are you associating with?   I am sure that many hear this word often... [...]

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Successful People VS. Unsuccessful People Part 6

This is the part 6 of difference between successful people vs. unsuccessful people. All of 5 previously discussed are all true as I have seen thousands of wanna-be investors / entrepreneurs coming and going. Here is another trait that I observed. This trait is massive and it is very important for you to notice and [...]

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How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

This is not the word created by me. I heard this word when I was attending Millionaire Mind Intensive by T. Harv Eker, who is the author of "The Secret of Millionaire Mind". At the seminar, trainer (Not T. Harv Eker himself at that time already), said   "How you do one thing is how [...]

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Business Mindset Tip: Are You Ritz Carlton Or Holiday Inn?

I was reading Grant Cardone's book called "Sell or Be Sold".  One of the chapters of the book actually enlightened me as well as made me realize...   When it comes to the sales, it's never about the price...   Grant Cardone asks in his book, "Are your service like Holiday Inn? Or are your [...]

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Successful People VS. Unsuccessful People Part 5

This is part 5 of successful people vs. unsuccessful people. I have been in the wealth building journey for decade now and this difference always applies. Here it is...   Unsuccessful people always look for something outside of themselves for success. Whereas, successful people fully understand all success will come from within themselves.   Again, [...]

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Biggest Take Away From Business Building Seminar

My business associates and I went to one day business building seminar yesterday. We have learned so many nuggets from all the millionaires from leadership, mindset and business building. Here is my biggest take away from this session. She is the person who are making $2.5 million dollars a year income from business that she [...]

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