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#1 Reason Holding You Back From Creating Success

What is #1 reason that prevents you from creating success? Especially, when it comes to building business, this is absolutely the number 1 reason why people don't create success. Are you ready for this? That is...   Blaming in any kinds...   In human nature, if things did not go our way, we tend to [...]

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Mental Toughness: Is It Important For Business Success?

In my home business, we have two classes; product class and business class. For those who want to do the business, they usually go to business class and others go to product class if they are happy being the customer. Many newbies want to learn about skills (Business skills) but not mindset. They sometimes even [...]

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How To Capture Better Market (Even If You Are Young)

Have you ever thought that you have hard time building your home business because you feel you are too young?   Yesterday, one of the chairman level person came to speak as guest speaker. She actually started our business when she was 24 years old. In the beginning, she was struggling her business because she [...]

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How To Control Your Emotion

Have you ever said something that you should not say and hurt your friend's, significant of others or even families' feeling and later on regretted what you said to them? I think we all had this kind of experiences.  Yesterday, I went to the personal empowerment session. One of the things that speaker was teaching [...]

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Mindset Tip: Power Of Delivered Intention

Have you ever had the moment where you wanted something so bad and it is very close to get it but still can't? I was exactly at that moment yesterday... At the same time, this moment made me realized the power of delivered intention...   What's that mean?   Have you ever heard the word [...]

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#1 Reason Why People Can’t Recruit

I have been in the home business for little over 4 years and have seen many people who aspired to create success in their business. In home business, recruiting is by far the most important way to expand our business as my mentors said "Recruiting is the bloodline of the business" and this is totally [...]

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Mindset Tip: Power Of Your Mind

In yesterday's meeting, I heard interesting conversation between associate (newbie so I call NA) and the other associate (experienced so I call EA) about following up prospect. Here is how the conversation went.   EA: I always follow up my prospect. Sometimes, I even stop by their office to chitchat with them NA: But, they [...]

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How To Communicate With Any Prospects

Constantly, I have been asked from many of team members how to communicate with prospects in the particular situations, such as   My prospect is very negative about the company. What should I say them? My prospect said he is doing very well in his career. What should I say to him? My prospect is [...]

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Mindset Tip: Life Balance and Imbalance

For those who are striving for creating financial freedom, have you ever gotten the word from someone close to you that you are always working so hard? If so, congratulations! You are on your way to create success in your life!  Some are even so concerned (or part feel left out?) that they will start [...]

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How To Boost Your Self-Confidence

One of the most important qualities that all successful people have in common is their self-confidence. In fact, many of your leaders and mentors probably said to you and your team that we all need to have self-confidence in order to create success in the business. However, almost no trainers teach how to increase the [...]

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