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How To Turn Your Obstacle Into Opportunity

Are you in the tough situation or facing obstacle right now and feeling down? When it comes to home business, you might be in the situation where   Your spouse gives you hard time because he or she is not supportive to your business You cannot really do the business properly because you are dead [...]

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One Guaranteed Way NOT Succeeding In Home Business (This Applies Anything Else In Life)

Do you know what is one sure way not to succeed in your home business? I know it is weird title. However, many people aspired to start home business fall into this trap (or even some people in the business before but gave up like I above to share). In this blog, I will share [...]

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What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like It

Have you ever experienced the time where you don't feel like doing the thing that you supposed to do to create your success? If you are an entrepreneur, I know that there are the time when you don't feel like doing anything. Especially, when things don't go in your way, you don't feel like to [...]

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3 Progressions Of Leadership You Need To Master To Build Great Business

I cannot believe our company event behind us for almost 2 weeks now. I still have great excitement inside of my heart. During the company event, I was very intrigued by one of the biggest builders in our company. Although this person is very young, he has built massive empire within our company. His topic [...]

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Two Biggest Tips On How To Get People To See You Seriously

In previous blog, I talked about what to do if you don't have good track record. This topic is continuation of the previous topic (Kind of...) because people never look at your seriously if you don't have good track record (Well... it does not have to be success.  It is more like how trustworthy you [...]

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What To Do If You Don’t Have Good Track Record

Have you ever felt unfair when you see some people build their business massively like hotcake while you don't get any results because you feel you don't have good track record? Believe me, you are not alone.  In this blog, I would like to share what action steps you can do when you don't have [...]

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Why Ownership Mentality Is So Critical For Business Success

After the company event, many of team members were so inspired and motivated. One of the happiest things that I experienced in this company event is that one of my team members started to become leader and understand about ownership mentality.  She told me   "I have been in the business for 2 years and [...]

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Simple Truth About Not Creating Success In Home Business

Do you want to know the simple truth why most people won't create success in home business? This is very simple reason yet many are falling into this.  Here is how story starts...   We just finished our company event. In this time, guest speaker was very famous Grant Cardone. He was talking in front [...]

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What Is #1 Factor For Creating Success

I just came back from my company event.  This was just epic business conference.  Over 30,000 entrepreneurs attended this event for learning how to build solid and lasting business.  I personally got so many nuggets from successful business builders.   In particular, my mentor was on the stage sharing her wisdom in front of 30,000 [...]

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How To Use Your Frustration To Your Advantage

If you are in the journey of becoming entrepreneur, I am sure that there is a time when you feel frustrated.  Certainly, I have those frustrating moments in fare share of times for my wealth building journey.  When things did not go their way, most people tend to get frustrated and focus on current circumstances [...]

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