Closing: How to Use Feeling to Your Advantage

Closing: How to Use Feeling to Your Advantage

I just finished meeting with my business partner’s prospect (Both husband and wife).  He likes the idea of having passive income through building business and he joined force to our business.


I just want to share that using feeling during conversation is one of the most persuasive ways to convert someone to do whatever you want them to do.  I learned this from my mentor in my business and she calls this 3 mode of communications.


She mentioned that there are 3 mode of communications.


1st mode of communication: Information Exchange
This is the weakest mode of communication.  We just simply do the presentation to tell them what it is and what it does.  For example, you are going through product presentation with your company brochure.  This is information exchange.  According to her, closing ratio of this mode of communication is only 5 – 10%.  Simply telling them what it is (Hard cold facts) is rarely effective when it comes to closing.  People do not move by hard cold facts in most of the time…


2nd mode of communication: Emotional Exchange
Better mode of communication is emotional exchange.  By sharing somebody else’s life story, people’s feeling will move by emotion.  For example, hearing somebody else’s story from where they were to where they want to be is much more persuasive than simply you listening the hard cold fact.  Using emotional exchange to sell or share your products or opportunity will dramatically increase your odd for success in closing around 50% according to my mentor.


3rd mode of communication: Feeling Exchange
This is the strongest form of communication.  According to my mentor, by mastering feeling exchange to your selling process, you will be able to close almost 100%.  That is, we use our own experiences and feeling to talk to our prospect.  Today, I used my own experiences from where I was (I was working in Japanese company for almost 13 – 15 hours a day and barely have time to see my family) to where I am now.  The reason why I want to start my business is so emotional that my feeling came out when I share my story.  Feeling of where I was before and the reason why I want to get out of where I was before is much stronger and more persuasive than just simply sharing story of someone else.  My sharing resonate with them and they simply said “Let’s do it”.


Ask yourself which communication you use the most when you are talking to your prospects?  If you want to improve the closing ratio, learn how to use feeling exchange to your advantage.  You have to remember that people are not moved by hard cold fact or boring presentation with only facts.  People make decision by buying your conviction and feeling and back up with the facts.



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