Do you want to learn how to increase your closing ratio? If this is what you are looking for, then this is right blog post. I was okay closer but until I fully realize the secret; power of assumption. Here is what I mean.


In the beginning few year of my business career, I struggled closing my client / prospects whether this is for recruiting or sales. I did not know why… But, I always could not get over the objections from them and those objections stop me from ASKING… In deep inside of me, I had certain resistance making me feel bad asking them to take action…


Then, I learned assumption closing from certain individuals such as Grant Cardone and Cedrick Harris. Once I start to implement the power of assumption, my closing ratio started to increase dramatically. Here is what I start to implement.


When I am doing recruiting or sales appointment, I always ASSUME in my mind…


“My prospect / client wants to buy my product / join my business”


Until they prove themselves otherwise…


I used not to even ask them to buy my program or join into my business if I felt that they don’t really want to do or I used not to ask them to take action when my team member said to me that this person is not ready…


Because I was hesitating to ask them to proceed (And prospects feel that I don’t have confidence either…), prospects also feel my weak conviction and they refuse to take action…


Now, when I am talking to prospects / clients for appointment, I always make assumption that they would love to get involved in my business or buy my product until they prove themselves otherwise. Since I start to adapt this mindset, my closing ratio increases dramatically; getting fewer objections, higher number of people proceeding to the next step.


Do you want to close more people? Don’t prejudge them. Always assume that they want to do this UNTIL they prove themselves otherwise.



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