Cold Truth About Going Full Time In Home Business

Cold Truth About Going Full Time In Home Business

I saw fair shares of instances where people in the home business part time seriously think about going to full time.  Many said to me:


  • “If I can go to full time in business, I can build more business”
  • “I will have more time if I can quit my job and doing this business full time”
  • “I am working very long hours in my job and hard to build my business, so it might be good idea for me to go for full time on this”


Many may ask it will definitely help for those who have only limited time if they go to full time in business.  In most cases, however, it is not the case…


It is not about abundance of time you have.  It is about how to use the time that we got…


When I was in part time in my business, I had full time job required me to stay in the job around 80 hours a week.  I had to work on Saturday and Sunday.  Sometimes, I work non-stop for 2 weeks without day off.  Do you know what I did?


Every break that I got (Including lunch or 15 min breaks), I called people, did study or (and) listening business materials…


I must confess…


I was like most people in the job.  Before getting serious on my business, I always hang out with my co-workers and talked gossip on how bad company’s treatment to the employees or boss are. Since I started this journey, I was almost obsessed with my business.  So every time my co-workers ask for going lunch with me, I politely said “no thanks” and do my own things.  Eventually, even to my boss…  They’ve been asking me out for a while but they did not even ask after a while.


Of course, after my work, I went to the training (Even if I was so late in the meeting that only 1o min left in the 2nd meeting, I still went) religiously and meeting prospects to show my presentations as I learned from Ray Higdon how much results we will get is depending on how many eye balls on your presentation.


If you are thinking about going full time in your business and you are still goofing off by hanging out with co-workers during lunch time or sitting in the couch watching the Netflix, then you are probably not ready to go on full time in your business.  I was almost nuts focusing on my spare time doing my business, nothing else…


I’ve seen many people going full time pre-maturely and had to go back to the job because they were not ready.  As Ray Higdon teaches me that you won’t be able to do your business full time if you cannot even control small amount of time you have to at least make money in the business.



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