Common Mistake That Most People Make In Home Business

Common Mistake That Most People Make In Home Business

Today, I would like to share what’s common mistake that most people make in home business and two advises that might help to improve this situation.


Yesterday, I was in San Diego for my business.  My business partner brought the prospect for business meeting for potential business partner.  He told me that


“My prospect is high school teacher and she told me that her family financial situation is pretty tight so I think she needs to make extra money.”   


During business overview, she clearly does not have any interest in business component.  We asked couple of questions to create rapport with her but she just gave simple answers and not really elaborate.  What would you do in this kind of situation?  Here is most people do.


They try to talk to the prospects who never have intention to join your business for a hours and hours to convince.  This is sure fire way for you to be frustrated.


My first advise to you is try not to close everybody that you ever encountered.  Instead, you will just check with prospect to see if they are open.


And here is the one more advise.  Do not look for the person who is in need.  Instead, look for the person who WANTS it.  Typically, it is not all the time.  The person who is most broke are usually the one who is very close minded.  The person is in that situation for reason. They need money because they are not willing to do anything about it.  Even if we may present excellent opportunity for them to get better financially, they are still not willing to do anything about it.


Instead of looking for the prospects who needs the opportunity, look for the prospect who wants the opportunity.  Those individuals are usually very open.



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